Ludus Martial Arts is a mixed martial arts school that believes that to truly be a mixed martial arts school you need to have a expert in as many forms of the martial arts as possible! We have gathered the best coaches that Jacksonville, Florida, has to offer in the arts of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Strength & Conditioning!

One of the greatest parts of martial arts is that it helps you work out your body and your mind! When you come to classes at Ludus Martial Arts you will be taking your body to new physical limits and working out muscles you never thought you had! Learning the technique of the martial arts will take your confidence, motivation, and problem solving skills of your everyday to a whole new level!

Ludus Martial Arts has the best competition team in Jacksonville! We take our competition team all over the USA to train and compete in MMA, Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights and Wrestling tournaments! All of the coaches at Ludus Martial Arts compete of have competed in the past so they all have the know how to teach at a competition level and can answer all questions any student may have!


  • Gina Walden says:

    I have reported this organization to the BBB, and I am currently working with an attorney to resolve this problem.


  • lisa adams says:

    I think Ludas has been nothing but professional. They come and compete as a team and are there for each other. I have my son in another mma gym but the coaches and other people assocaited with Ludas have always been great.

  • Jason Mann says:

    Ludas Martial Arts is the BIGGEST SCAM ever!!! They claim to be this and that and that they have had all these fights. LIARS. Maybe tough guys BUT have no REAL TEACHING experience! Looks like steroids and tattoos!!! They have no real way to give you rank or test you. BIG SCAM!!!! DO NOT TRAIN AT THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Everything the head guy there said was a lie. we were looking into schools and of course he said horrible things about the other places we were looking into. Talked so much crap about the other schools and he was the one that was full of it. He claimed to have all these fights and stuff. Then when we looked into the Gracie school, they were honest and that’s were we are now. Would not recommend training with this guy. Anybody that has to talk crap about other’s in order to make them selves look better, not the vibe we want to be part of.

  • JacksonvilleMMA says:

    This is the worst gym in Jacksonville!!! Billy Mitchell the owner is a liar he lost every fight he has ever had exept one and tells everybody he is 70-0 undefeated lol! He has cheated so many people over in the MMA community in this town that he is to scared to show his face at any mma shows or grappling tourneys.

  • Frank says:

    LUDUS is an all out scam. Billy Mitchell is a liar,con artist and thief. He says he’s had over 78 fights, he has had 3. Lost 2 of them. The coaches on his website have all left him because he didn’t pay them. His reputation in Jacksonville is completely shot. No one will even talk to him. He will promise the world and then never deliver. He has blue belt level bjj and his striking us garbage. He has no clue what he’s doing. Do not join this gym. You will end up in a contract and not get what you pay for. He currently has 4 lawsuits against him. He is a total liar. Do not go to ludus

  • I Feel Jipped says:

    If you go in for the free session, be prepared to be pressured to sign a one year contract in which you will be misled into believing that the owner will help you in any way possible if you should ever have to cancel the contract. Beware: cancellation penalty is one month’s fee plus 80% of the remaining balance on the contract! Go to Karate Arts where you will not be locked into a contract, receive budget friendly rates and the environment is much more family friendly.

  • jay says:

    If you want to get scamed lied to and have your money taken from you then go to ludus martial arts. All of the top notch coaches Billy has have left because he didnt pay them. An oh ya he will tell you hes going to automatically take money from your account an fail to mention that you are signing a one year conatract and screwing you out of your money. Dont be scammed just be aware.

  • jay says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM Ludus will lie to you and cheat you out of your money. Billy will tell you that you are signing a contract to automatically take money out of your account but fails to mention that he just signed you into a one year contract, which if you don’t abide to Billy will proceed to steal money from your account. His record is a lie all of the coaches have left because he didn’t pay them an Daniel Moares was there one time and one time only. He currently has 4 claims against him with the BBB and more suits follow. Don’t fall into his trap everything he says is a lie he has lost all of his fighters because of this just trying to give everyone else a heads up.

  • Susan says:

    Our experience was unfortunately extremely similar. Pressure to sign the contract, and many promises to work with us (knowing beforehand that for part of the contract time we would not be in town), but as far as I can tell “I will work with you” means “I will pass the buck to an anonymous billing company.” The owner apparently has no intention of standing by anything he says personally. If you are sure you won’t be deployed, or lose your job, or need to move, then by all means sign up. Although don’t be surprised if the gym is closed during posted open mat times, and if you do sign a contract, any conditions you think you might want, such as the ability to cancel, the ability to postpone or put it on hold, make sure it’s in writing. This guy is why lawyers stay in business.

  • Mary says:

    BILLY MITCHELL IS A SCAM!!!!!! HE IS A LIAR !!!!! He is an embarrassment to the martial arts!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL. They pressure you into signing a contract and they are never open when they say they are going to be. They LIED about everything, He has no real teaching experience, or fighting experience. The worst martial arts school in jacksonville!

  • Mark says:

    DO NOT GOTO LUDAS… BILLY MITCHELL IS A LIAR AND A FAKE. this guy scammed my buddy really bad. he has NO MARTIAL ARTS SKILL, he should in NO WAY be allowed to teach martial arts.. We watched a class and he started pressuring me to sign a contract. NEVER GOTO LUDAS MARTIAL ARTS OR TRAIN WITH BILLY MITCHELL – HE IS A JOKE AND A FAKE. Watching him explain and show martial arts moves and he had no idea what he was doing or talking about. He made all these promises to people and then scams them for money without helping them or really teaching them anything. HORRIBLE PLACE

  • joesmith says:

    this place is this biggest SCAM! you need to google Ludus Martial Arts Reviews and see the real reviews!! BILLY MITCHELL is the biggest scammer!! you need to google who he really is you will see he owes people money left and right!! he has hopped from gym to gym for years! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE dont put your money in the hands of these people!!

  • thoughtwewerefriends says:

    yea even as a young buck he was seeing dollar signs… Friends ? thought so.. Discount price to train me? “supposably” .. always heard big hype of being a tough guy but never seen his career grow past 3 fights… i hate fake people with false promises. for being a father this is the wrong was to make a good life for the child. daddy being in court for stealing peoples money!

  • wowareuforreal says:

    wow… always can find you somewhere by simply google searching… to find “scammer, liar,fake” … To think i thought it was just me… and to be a father… how can you screw people over in your town where your family lives?! not a good way to show your child daddy is a scammer, liar, and steals peoples hard earn money… thats a low down shame. and to think the years of respect i had as a “friend” to see it wasnt just me getting the “coolest guy, i’m this this and that” ego. where are these 70ish-3 fights coming from? i’ve heard over the years of 3. and 2 were losses

  • Igotout says:

    I have known him since he moved here and wish I would have never met him. By the looks of it people are finally getting to know the true Billy. Ask him if he has any friends that he has known longer than a few years…he doesn’t – because he has burned every bridge because people see who he truly is. He stole money from me years ago however, it was worth every penny to never speak to him again. He is a manipulative, deceitful, awful person & I truly feel bad for his family – especially his daughter. I would never give this crook my money or let him teach my children anything accept a good example of who not to become.

  • gladurgon says:

    So glad we didn’t sign up… almost did, but I guess someone up there was watching out for my family. Read these reviews and it’s all crystal clear now. This is the type of guy that preys on other’s hard earned money because he has no conscience, lies about his accomplishments because he has none, and will wind up being the biggest loser in the end … in a prison cell probably. I feel so sorry for anyone who got taken in by this dude and will have to figure it out the hard way, by getting used, scammed and victimized by this little man.

  • Matt says:

    I can’t speak for Billy’s past as I wasn’t there when he was fighting, but what I can say is that I’ve learned more in the few months @ Ludus than I ever did at other “schools” where I just felt like a practice dummy for the more experienced guys. At Ludus, I’m actually learning the details of every move, and Billy definitely knows what he’s talking about. Yes, you have to sign a 1-year contract. While this isn’t convenient, it is a common practice among gyms and a BUSINESS DECISION, not a scam. Pay attention to what you’re signing, and you won’t have a problem. If you’re an advanced-level fighter, maybe this isn’t the right place, but if you’re just starting out, I highly recommend it.

  • Alan. Hayes. says:

    I do not recomend this gym to ANYONE, ANYTIME!!!! Billy Mitchell is the owner and has burned bridges his whole life. I’ve known him personally for many years, he truly only cares about himself and trying to get his pockets phat, and he will and does lie cheat and steal to try and succeed, he’s always been a piece of sh**. He advertises an olympic boxer from 2004 but you google the whole team and clearly that dude wasn’t on the team, That Daniel Moraes has only ever been there a few times,the so calles wrestling stud’s information is all lies,and the guy behind all these lies is is 71-3 Mr. Mitchell himself look him up on all official records and you’ll see he’s really 3-9 as a pro. He know absolutly nothing about Muay Thai and he doesnt care about the sport at all. Just do yourself a huge favor and do not go there ever for anything!

  • frankie says:

    ive been going to ludus for awhile now and its the best thing ive ever done….ludus is nothing but professional.i trained for about three months and went to a grappling torny and got first place…ludus is not a scam!!!

  • Carol says:

    As a mother, I would say that this gym is a perfect place to take your children. There is a great mix of age groups and Billy is an excellent teacher. He is gentle, patient and really knows how to push the kids in a positive way. I love watching my son train with Billy and his friends have all gotten involved too. I really love Billy’s new location….the floor space is expansive and the gym as a whole is very welcoming. I would highly recommend Ludus.

  • JD Swanson says:

    I have been training with Billy Mitchell for five years. I am 45 years old and train only for fitness, not competition. Coach Mitchell is very knowledgeable in all areas of martial arts and personal training. He is also a very patient and thoughtful teacher. I have used personal trainers my whole life and Coach Mitchell’s workout regime is the most intense cardio and overall conditioning that I have ever experienced.

  • Jeff says:

    Great gym, great instructors!

  • Dave says:

    Best gym in Jax!!! Love everything about it. Great coaches, students, and facility.

  • Jeff says:

    I met with Billy a few times and had my son and friend take classes. No contract, just very fair monthly fee. I am a very experienced business man and have learned to take in others reviews and opinions but Always make your own judgement on a person. My dealings with Ludus have been nothing but positive and would have no problem recommending them to others.

  • preston says:

    coming to this gym is one of the best things ive done for myself. i am very appreciative to have such great coaches and good people around me to help me grow as a mma fighter. since coming to this gym ive never lost a juijitsu tournament.

  • bradley says:

    excellent gym , great coaches, skilled fighters, and good teammates

  • bill says:

    This gym is the best in jax! best coaches, best facility, and best atmosphere. I recommend this gym to every one.

  • teshaun says:

    i came here weighing 206 and after 6 months i met my goal of weighing 180, great gym intense workouts!!

  • darrel says:

    5 star gym, the training is very well rounded unlike my previous gym where they only taught muay thai and juijitsu. since beginning my training here ive changed my whole diet the coaches are very smart about nutrition

  • Rock says:

    This gym is amazing, I loved everything about this gym!!! The atmosphere is extremely homey and the coaches are with you every step of the way. I would strongly recommend this gym to anyone looking to train or just get in shape.

  • Stacey :) says:

    This gym is the! I highly recommend this gym!!!!!

  • Roycerton says:

    Ludus is literally my second home, I’ve been all over Jacksonville training at different gyms and this is the only one I’ve stuck with. Billy has opened many doors for me in my fighting career and is with me every step of the way. I recommend this gym to anyone out there wanting to make a career in fighting. Ludus has an amazing comp team and they all work with you and make sure that you are making as much progress as they are.

  • Amazing Gym says:

    Ludus all the way baby!!!!!!!!!

  • cole says:

    awesome gym ive always wanted to train mma and now im around real fighters almost everyday of my life and i get to go watch all their fights with vip seats and the gym is right next to my house so it is very convenient

  • cole says:

    excellent gym good coaches and lots of matt space

  • AWESOME says:

    I strongly recommend this gym to anyone!!! Great facility as well as a great atmosphere.

  • thomas says:

    cool gym , low prices with great coaches

  • Sean Roberts says:

    i love this gym i came for the wrestling program because i was a state champ in high school back in my hometown of Houston but as soon as i started i became interested in all the arts taught here

  • James Cooper says:

    best gym ive been to so far the reviews are very accurate, i don’t know why so many people dislike this gym but i think its spam

  • Kyle spencer says:

    I love coming to this gym, not only because of the top notch coaches but the guys that train here are such good people . whether there pro, amateur or just training for a juijitsu tournament they all are so nice and willing to help out the new guys like me

  • I have nothing but positive thing to say about this gym. my kids do the kids program while i do personals with coach Royce , i have made so much progress in such little time its amazing.

  • Casey says:

    I joined Ludus about a month ago, and it was the best decision I have made since moving to Jacksonville. As a female, I was reluctant in joining an MMA school, but Coach Billy and the rest of the coaches and staff have been nothing but welcoming. Everyone at the gym has gone out of their way to make me feel at home in such a new environment, and as a result, I wake up everyday excited to get to the gym. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

  • Tommy says:

    BEWARE! Ludus MMAs direct deposit form is actually a contract for one year. They will tell you they do month to month but require it be through direct deposit if you try to stop paying the gym will refer you to a 3rd party billing company that will run you through the ringer.

  • Jamie says:

    I’ve been going to the gym for about a month now and I love it. All the coaches are extremely professional and patient. I was not pressured into a contract at all. Personally I think Billy is a great guy. He supports our local military and gives us a break when and where he can. I cannot speak to his MMA career or his past but he seems very knowledgeable and has taught me more in the past month than I thought was possible. I have no problem recommending the gym to anyone interested in the sport. It’s unfortunate that people have had a bad experience in the past but like most things in life there are always two sides to the story. Hope this review helps.

  • Kirsten says:

    My husband and two daughters train at Ludus and LOVE it!! The coaches are amazing with kids, encouraging to my teenager and kick my husbands butt (in a good way). I would recommend this gym to anyone, male, female, young or old. The Mitchell’s will accommodate and train you at any level of intensity you wish.

  • Nate says:

    This gym is a total scam. I was getting out of the navy and said that I didn’t want to sign a contract, Billy said no problem “I’ll set you up monthly, I won’t even run your card till you come back” ….. I transfered out of the Navy and move to MA, a month after I move, I get billed…. This piece of work put my name on a contract and submitted it. Took me almost three months of getting billed, but the billing company reimbursed me for everything and told me they were ready to drop this guy because he was a pain in their ass. Kinda says somthing huh? STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY. The “coach” claimed he was a Army ranger when I talked with him, and then proceded to have a 14 year old punk run the class since his shoulder was “acting up”…… way to ranger up pal…….

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