Nova Uniao South Florida in Dania Beach, Florida, offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for adults and kids with Head Instructor Marcelo Meleiro. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art which focuses on grappling. The intent of the art is to gain dominance over your opponent on the ground and uses leverage to get them to submit. By using leverage it allows a small, weaker person to subdue a much large and stronger attacker.

Many people struggle to find a way to stay committed to a normal workout routine, whereas BJJ is a fun way to stay fit and get tough. In addition to building confidence and self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides a great physical workout by increasesing endurance and strength.

At Nova Uniao South Florida, we promote a team atmosphere where we support one another in and out of class. When first starting in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we support each person’s own capability. However, it is recommended to attend at least THREE times weekly in order to progress at the desired rate.


  • Lior Klepach says:

    This is the best BJJ school i have ever attended. Instructor Marcelo Meliero is phenomenal he gives personal attention to every student, teaches new moves, submissions and sweeps, and allays makes sure his students improve and corrects us to putrefaction. the teammates are great , it is a family atmosphere with good competitive spirit and no animosity. over all it is a great BJJ experience and great friends that will stay with you for live ….

  • Jen Stewart says:

    I suggest anyone interested in training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu try Nova Uniao South Florida. Marcelo Meleiro offers high quality instruction to students of all backgrounds, genders and ages. The environment is supportive, friendly, respectful, and team oriented. Marcelo offers fun, but disciplined instruction for the children in the kids classes. My children love to go to class

  • Juan Santos says:

    I started training at BJJ at Nova Uniao South Florida with instructor Marcelo Meleiro and am still there.I felt very comfortable there as a beginner, though, his style is very technical but explained well so even beginners understand. I got fit, lost weight and put on muscle, all while learning authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu straight from Rio de Janeiro.

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