Our goal at Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts in Augusta, Georgia, is to provide our members with a clean, convenient training location that utilizes top notch equipment, the absolute best instruction in kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling, combat conditioning, mixed martial arts, and self-defense as well as the most flexible schedule possible. Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts offers a relaxed non-traditional atmosphere for adults, and a structured, disciplined, and fun environment for children.

One of the many benefits that Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts provides our members that our competitors don’t is FLEXIBILITY. We understand that everyone’s schedule is different, that’s why we offer A.M. and afternoon classes Monday through Saturday, as well as up to 15 classes a day, and 60 plus classes a week. Your membership allows you to participate in kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling, the bojuka self defense system, mixed martial arts, circuit training, and our one and only cardio kickboxing boot camp! We don’t believe in charging our members extra for participating in more than one martial art. Moms and dads will be glad to know that they can actually get a workout at the same time as their children. This is possible because we have three simultaneous classes going on at all times Monday through Thursday as well as Saturday. What a great way to incorporate physical fitness in your whole family’s daily routine!

We choose our LOCATION because it is the most centrally located in the entire two state area. Being located near the intersection of I-20 and Riverwatch Parkway allows our members ease of access to and from workouts with minimal wasted time in heavy traffic no matter where you are coming from, and since the intersection of I-20 and Riverwatch Parkway is practically on the state lines of Georgia and South Carolina, residents of North Augusta and Aiken will find that their travel time to Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts will likely be shorter than travel times to other martial arts schools in the two state area.

The INSTRUCTION you will receive at Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts is second to none! You will not find better instructors anywhere in the two state area. All of our black belt instructors have years of training and coaching experience. All of the instructors at Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts are either currently competing, or have competed in their field of expertise with great success. Many have won National, North American, or World Titles. Some of our instructors have won multiple times!

The ATMOSPHERE at Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts is definitely non-traditional for our adult clientele. Even though they are welcome, Karate Gi’s and colored belts are not needed in order to participate in class. Realizing that your time is valuable, we spend as much time as possible teaching you the most important material. The time spent in class is used for learning your art, and actually practicing the application of it. Many of our clients feel that Greubel’s M.M.A. is their home away from home because of the friendships they have made with fellow members.

The youth classes at Greubel’s, are unlike any other youth classes around. The team atmosphere and camaraderie are evident from the moment classes begin. Our youth participants work hard but, have lots of fun. The life lessons and confidence your children will learn training at Greubel’s M.M.A. will carry over into their school, personal, and home lives. We strive to develop our youth participants physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Like the adults, conditioning, techniques and the application of them are emphasized. We do not spend any of the time in class doing forms, but we do however, require the children to wear colored belts signifying their rank and skill level. This is done to give the children a sense of the progress they have made, as well as, solid goals to strive toward. Voted “Best Martial Arts Program” in the 2006 Metro Augusta parents picks!

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