Tekniques Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Powder Springs, Georgia, is a competition Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school dedicated to the development and progress of its students and athletes. We are also a Team Alliance BJJ School (Powder Springs). Whether you are striving to become a world champion Jiu-Jitsu competitor, learn self-defense, increase your fitness level or just trying to lose a few pounds, Tekniques’ highly trained staff is prepared to help you reach the results you desire in the least amount of time. Complete with a Cardio Kickboxing program, Tekniques provides a full range of body fitness under one roof.

For adults, we offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). For kids, we offer training which focuses on BJJ. Our student body is made up of all types of people ranging from hobbyist to world class competitors. And, while we are a competiton school, competing is an option and we welcome everyone, men, women, and children, from all walks of life and levels of interest to come train with us. We have something to offer to everyone interested in learning the most effective martial arts on the planet. Come see why we are the best school in town!


  • Mike Level says:

    Decent gym but only for Jiu Jitsu. Not real world or a way to get into MMA or really get in shape. They split from another gym due to a rumor of bad blood so the drama has seemed to follow.

  • I would like to refute the review by Mike Level. Who ever he is, he clearly has never been to our gym or taken a class with us. We have no record of him and what he has said is a complete lie. Please remove his comment because it is slander.

    Thank you,
    Mandy Evangelista
    Owner, Tekniques BJJ & Fitness

  • Jeremy says:

    I want to confirm Mike Level comments. What he says is very true about Tekniques not offering real-world Jiu-Jitsu. I have trained at Tekniques before and in my opinion is not worth the money. I love MMA, so Tekniques is out of the question for me. Their gym is only good for cardio and nothing else.

  • Timothy Gibson says:

    Hi…while not taking martial arts myself, I have an eight year old daughter who is passionate about martial arts and sadly, I regrettably wasted a year+ of her life taking taekwondo from a McDojo. Determined not to make that mistake again, I did my research not only on disciplines for my daughter, but also instructors.

    I’d like to completely refute the prior two negative comments about Tekniques, as since my daughter has been taking lessons from James and Mandy, EVERY CLASS involves drills with no resistance from your rolling partner in order to learn the drill, and drills at full resistance from your partner to reinforce what you learned.

    To top it off, I’d say about 90% of classes end in the students rolling at full speed and resistance against each other, and having watched some adult classes (also taught by James), I can say they seem to follow the same script, with maybe not as much full contact rolling, but it is definitely utilized most of the time.

    I am 100% sure these these reviews are from either a competing (and more than likely, inferior) gym, or a guy who had a crappy attitude or simply didn’t want to pay his bill on time but still train. The attitudes of both James and Mandy have ALWAYS been professional, they are laid back to talk to in the office and off the mat, but about their business and their training and teaching on the mat. That’s the way it should be.

    “Real World Jiu-Jitsu?” WTF is that? Do you need to be drunk and rolling on concrete sprinkled with broken glass in order for it be “Real World Jiu-Jitsu?”?

    After dealing with the Taekwondo McDojo for a year, one thing I was seriously looking for was a school where the instructors didn’t just wear a high belt ranking and use technical terms that supposed to convey knowledge on the discipline but they don’t have the chops to prove it. Instructors who compete/recently competed was a must for me. Both this gym and my daughter’s Shotokan Karate school fit the bill. I am extremely pleased with the quality of instruction at Tekniques, the professionalism of the instructors, and the credibility of the instructors…not to mention because it doesn’t matter much in lieu of the quality of the training, but it is a nice gym as well.

    Look, don’t believe me, the proof is in the performance…



    If that’s not “Real World Jiu-Jitsu,” then slap me cross the face and call me Nancy when you find some!

    If you want to speak to me further about the authenticity of this review, then feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’d be more than happy to email you my contact info and we can speak further about this gym.

  • Timothy Gibson says:

    Let me clarify something: when I said the adult classes might not have as much rolling…I would say that was more due to the fact that in a few of the classes I observed being taught by James, he spent extra time trying to make sure his adult students had a particular drill or maneuver down pat, so there might not have been enough time for rolling that night.

    That said, the drills being taught were run at full speed with resistance after the initial introduction to the maneuver. From my observations and talking with any student at Tekniques, child or adult…YOU WILL ROLL FULL CONTACT.

    Another thing I’d like to point out is that it’s not surprising for class to run over the allotted time as the instructors occasionally feel the students didn’t quite get the just of what they were attempting to teach. When my daughter attended the McDojo, the classes were 15 minutes SHORTER than at Tekniques and they always ended promptly and on time.

    I guess it could cause a scheduling conflict with a few people and/or the inconvenience of having to leave before the class was dismissed, but I find it quite refreshing that the instructors here care enough to take extra time to ensure they are doing the best they can to teach their students.

    If I had a complaint, I guess you could say the gi’s are quite expensive when compared to karate gi’s, but that’s primarily due to the BJJ gi’s being made of much sturdier material to handle the gripping and grappling that’s at the core of the discipline.

    (Also, they need to give me a free T-shirt for all this doggone monies I’m spending, but I’ll manage…:) )

    If you’re still in doubt, just go watch a class and talk with the instructors, then do your research like I did. I’m sure you’ll come to a similar conclusion.

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