1% DOJO, based in Gooding, Idaho, is an Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Affiliate also offering Stand-up Training in TAI Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts.  ChokeFighter.com was established to provide a website for local students and resources for those studying abroad. This website summarizes a wealth of knowledge specific to empty-hand combat tactics. ChokeFighter.com does not guarantee any single technique will work 100% of the time in a combat situation. However, learning established techniques to subdue an opponent in several different positions (with variations), coupled with regular intensive sparring, will invariably minimize the chances of injury in a physical confrontation. Further, by mastering proficiency in all the known stand-up and ground-fighting positions, students will begin to learn how to re-position themselves strategically to optimize the chances of a neutralizing submission.

1 Percent DOJO also holds classes in Twin Falls:

Headhunter Boxing Club
136 2nd Ave. N
Twin Falls, ID 83301

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