At Empty Hand Combat in Nampa, Idaho, we offer Martial Arts Elite Training with various trainers from Thailand, India and USA. All of our trainers have combat and comprehensive applications experience in various Martial Arts skills and styles.

Empty Hand Combat teaches a variety of martial arts to suit the modern lifestyle. We teach traditional Kung Fu, Muay Thai Kick boxing, Chin Nah (ultimate submission through pressure points and joint manipulation tactics), Weapons including knife, swords sticks and staff, traditional Kung -Fu, sword forms and Tai-Chi chuan, Muay Thai kick boxing, and practical self-defense.

If you are tired of watered down Martial Arts, where years of training has not impacted your combat capability and especially when you needed it the most, then Empty Hand Combat is the place for you.

Our facility is one of the biggest Dojos in the entire Treasure Valley with over 7000 sq. ft. including a full kick boxing ring, weight training areas, and various training stations. One of the Grandmaster (Shihan Dean), who visited us recently describe it as a dream center for the hard core Martial Artist.

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