The Degerberg Academy is the premiere martial arts academy of Chicago. Featuring the Degerberg Blend, combining the best of many traditions. We are a martial arts academy where you can learn the best of many martial arts. You can learn Degerberg Blend, which combines the best techniques from English boxing, French savate, American kickboxing, Filipino and Thai martial arts, with a philosophy closely aligned with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Our experience has shown that by training in specific skills from a variety of martial arts, the practitioner instinctively uses what is best for a given situation.

Though we’ve taught multiple fighting styles since 1980, the term “mixed martial arts” came into fashion only recently as multi-disciplined fighters won belt after belt in the popular Ultimate Fighting Championships. Seems we were onto something after all…

Our program is designed to help you improve your cardiovascular system, your fighting skills and your muscle tone. If you choose, you can participate in light to heavy ring fighting. We have a boxing/kickboxing ring and complete equipment for light to full-contact training.

In addition to our regular classes, the Degerberg Academy regularly sponsors special seminars taught by world-class masters and champions from around the globe. Founded in 1980, the Degerberg Academy has served such luminaries as Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Dan Inosanto, protege of Bruce Lee. We invite you to enjoy the use of our top-notch facilities:

• over 13,000 square feet of mirrored
and padded gymnasiums
• 2 boxing rings
• a fully equipped weight room
• 25 training bags
• lockers
• showers
• air-conditioned facilities

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