FLO Mixed Martial Arts and Gym in Palatine, Illinois, is an 8,500 square foot mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility, including an elevated boxing ring, an wrestling mats, a tatami area, Free motion weight equipment and a cardio area. FLO MMA promotes health, fitness, flexibility, agility and coordination through real drills. FLO brings you top level instruction in various styles no matter what your previous experience is.

Men, women, children, beginners, advanced, as well as the elite athlete are all welcome at FLO. We have some of the world’s top trainers; Our instructors have combined 75 years of martial art experience including several time black belts, krav maga certified and multiple championships. FLO offers classes in boxing, cardio kickboxing, krav maga, thai kickboxing, kickboxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, brazilian jiu-jitsu and a variety of conditioning classes.

FLO MMA has a modernized approach to martial arts. Since all the martial arts have wonderful components, FLO MMA intends to produce students who are balanced martial artists with the skills of more than one system. By learning an integration of each of these styles, students will have the ability to fight and execute superior boxing skills, powerful kicks, relaxed footwork, be prepared for a fight that goes to the ground and benefit from the training of mixed martial arts. FLO MMA’s system will not only produce well-rounded martial artists, with a respect for all styles, but well conditioned, strong, agile and shapely students.

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