Team DeVore, part of Shihan Jeff Devore’s Academy of Martial Arts is Central Illinois’ Premier training facility for competitive fighting sport activities. Located in Mt. Zion, we offer training in Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Combat Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Team DeVore was formed to provide an opportunity for both amateur and pro athletes alike that are seeking competition level training as well as competition itself. Team DeVore has had fighters on the pro and amateur circuit since early 1995 and has established the reputation among fellow trainers and promoters as being a team built out of strong character, integrity, honor, good sportsmanship and strong committed athletes.

We take pride in building our athletes from the inside out, all structured on a foundation of Attitude, Discipline and Respect. Knowing that anyone can kick and punch, the trainers here at Team DeVore go the extra mile, pushing the limits of ensuring each member of our Team has strong minds as well as strong bodies.

Our training regiment consists of a variety of lung and muscle burning cardiovascular training ranging from fitness kickboxing classes, to jumping rope, to ring time, to mat time to putting in roadwork.

We utilize western boxing for our head movement and foot work as well as superior hand combinations.  Kickboxing for our hand/foot power combinations, Muay Thai for total limb destruction utilizing our hands, feet, knees, elbows and throws and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for submissions, joint locks, chocks and ultimate superior ground work.

We are all family here at Team DeVore and we constantly look out for one and other; no fighter gets a date for competition unless they are both mentally and physically prepared for competition. Again, our coaching staff goes the extra mile to ensure all of our team gets matched fairly at all events we attend. We train as a Team and we compete as a Team, no one doing their own thing here.  We are a TEAM!


  • Josh Dressen says:

    Stopped at this school was in the town visiting and got them off of this website. These guys are not a true MMA school. More karate guys that jumped on the MMA bandwagon. My two cents…
    This place was not a MMA gym, more like Karate guys that jumped on the Banwagon. Not one instructor had ever fought MMA and knowledge was very limited. No certified jiu jitsu coach, ect. Facility was nice though!

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