At Community Mixed Martial Arts in Mount Vernon, Indiana, we combine the best techniques from a variety of different martial arts disciplines to form the most effective self defence system possible. You’ll learn practical techniques that will work for you in a self-defence scenario or in the ring.

The three components of our MMA classes are actually Boxing, Kickboxing, and Submission Wrestling.

– Boxing teaches great striking with hands along with timing and coordination
– Kickboxing combine striking and defence against strikes along with an added kicking component
– Submission Wrestling takes our opponent down or defend their takedowns as well as a striking compoonent often referred to ‘ground and pound.’

We use the most fundamental and highly effective techniques of these three styles in our MMA training.

While our other classes have more scope to go into greater depth in parts, putting them all together is an art unto itself…If you want well rounded martial arts skills to defend yourself or maybe compete on the local and national levels we highly recommend you train at Community MMA!

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