The Indiana Pit is a blend of “old school” training, attitude, power and discipline combined with a “cutting edge” scientific, modern, result-oriented, tested & proven curriculum. The Pit’s mission is to provide a vehicle for everyone of all ages to realize their full potential, get strong, be confident, get into great shape, make friends, and learn self-defense…while having fun.”

The Pit system teaches, and drills extensive strikes (kicks, knees, punches, elbows), takedowns, takedown defense, ground techniques from the top, and bottom. We learn, drill, and spar in as close to a real street situation as safely possible. Everything we learn and drill is dedicated to staying safe if ever attacked. And at The Pit we are very aware of the fact that even with great techniques and skill, physical conditioning, and strength are very important factors in ensuring a positive outcome in a life threatening street situation, so we do extensive conditioning drill to ensure our students stay in prime shape.

CrossPit is a blending of CrossFit with the Pit, John Hackleman’s mixed martial arts (MMA) and fitness training program—a blending that we believe best prepares fighters for the ring and the rest of us for general self-defense. CrossPit’s efficacy comes from its simplicity. Proficiency in stance, movement, and a few basic strikes, combined with the gas to go the distance, is usually more effective on the street and in the cage than extensive training in complex martial arts sequences. The Pit’s Chuck Liddell has demonstrated this at the top level of professional MMA, and amateur fighters from the Pit are regularly beating much more experienced and “highly trained” fighters.

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