Elite Edge Training in Waukee, Iowa, is dedicated to promoting traditional martial arts, realistic close-combat training, and cutting-edge fitness instruction on the internet and throughout the central Iowa area. Originally the Des Moines Karate Club, the name was changed to show both the diversity and the level of programs we offer. No one in the area offers the variety of effective instruction that we give the public.

The techniques utilized in Shooto, our particular type of MMA training, generally fall into two categories: striking techniques (such as kicks, knee strikes, and punches) and grappling techniques (such as clinch holds, pinning, submission holds, sweeps, takedowns, and throws). Some unarmed hand-to-hand combat techniques are considered illegal in arguably all modern MMA competition, such as biting, eye-gouging, fish-hooking and small joint manipulation.

As a result of MMA sporting events, martial arts training and the understanding of the combat effectiveness of various strategies have changed over the last few years. There are three distinct phases in Shooto/MMA: stand-up, clinching, and ground fighting/submissions.

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