At Dwane Lewis Martial Arts Academy in Lawrence, Kansas, our Kickboxing program utilizes the concepts of Tai Chi in the sparring class which raises the learning curve as much as 60%. Students begin by doing the drills slowly to learn proper neuromuscular response. As a person’s ability increases and movements are performed correctly the speed of the sparring is increased to match their level of proficiency.

We also have a number of fighters who can maintain any speed with immaculate control. This enables beginners to learn without a fear of being hurt, gives them confidence which speeds up the learning process. We have many students that are not interested in the ring fighting.


  • LOng GOne says:

    Dwane Lewis is one class act. It was an honor to have studied under him. He taught me a lot about kickboxing and life in general. You can find karate schools a dime a dozen but Dwane Lewis is one in a hundred million. My years as a student working out with him are one of my fondest memories.

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