CORE Modern Training Center in Louisville, Kentucky, offers professional instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ, Gracie), Krav Maga, Boxing and Muay Thai. Affiliated with Helio Soneca 4th Degree Black Belt, retired professional fighter Eric Haycraft, and Adbdul Jarvis, retired kickboxing World Champion and professional boxer. Our 3,100 square foot facility includes quality equipment, stretching and warm-up area, group room for classes, and private shower and dressing facilities.


  • gymlady says:

    CORE is the real deal !
    beginner to advanced .. professional and intense .. no fluff here. amazing kids classes too. I wish I would have had a club like this when I was growing up.

  • Josh Calhoun says:

    I want to learn how to fight, and i want to get bigger and stronger

  • Josh Calhoun says:

    go to this gym

  • steve davenport. says:

    it was okay training just to expense $180 a month was just to much for my budget.

  • JJohnson says:

    I heard Louisville MMa is there. This guys are a joke. Just like those bad dogs MMa guys. What a bunch of chumps. Just being honest. They need real BJJ training. Not youtube.

  • Jason killbrew says:

    yeah this is NOT a MMA gym its a krav maga school they dont have one MMA fighter that fights out of there and its piss poor training especially for $200 a month give me a break

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