Performance Edge Martial Arts in Lexington, Kentucky, strives to provide individuals interested in sports competition, self defense, fitness, or personal enrichment a realistic combat athletic training curriculum as a means of personal growth. While each of these types are looking for different results, we realize that all of their goals can be reached by the same path.

We are committed to the idea of an ego-free, performance based training environment. Our athletes come in all shapes and sizes and from widely varied backgrounds with a common goal of developing their abilities to their highest levels through training hard and pushing past their personal performance boundaries.

Our MMA classes center around the core components of Striking (Boxing and Kickboxing), Clinch (Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling), and Ground Fighting (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Our Combatives classes cover Hand-to-Hand combat, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, and Firearms. In all of our training we put the utmost importance on the development of a “Fighting Mindset”. We maintain an environment in our gym free of rank, bowing, or ritual.

The underlining philosophy governing all of our courses is Performance over Perception. A Perception based martial art focuses on image, not skill. We are a Performance based martial art, meaning we test everything we do against a resisting opponent. All classes are taught in an “Alive” manner using force-on-force to ensure performance and understanding under real-world pressure.


  • wes johnson says:

    i have street fighting about 5 years im 23 years old 6ft 4in 270lb i would really like more training im a very hard work when i put my mined to it i go all the way non stop

  • mike leffler says:

    This is an awesome gym. I have been going there for more than a year now, and it is a good gym.

  • Sandra Clough says:

    My husband and I joined this gym last fall, and love every minute of our training. We have yet to meet anyone better people than the two that own it…What are you waiting for, join now and start the fun!

  • Todd Brangers says:

    I have been training at performance edge for almost a year now and it’s a fun way to get in shape. The trainers are very knowledgable and teach practical defense beyond just the typical MMA that most gyms do.

  • Kevin Hollis says:

    The owners (Rikki and Aaron) are good people and very knowledgable about fighting. The beginners class that almost all members are required to complete, can’t be beat in my opinion. It shows all the fundamentals to MMA fighting. Once graduating from beginners, you can attend the grappling, boxing, and MMA classes. My personal favorite was boxing and felt that it was a well put on class that enforced boxing basics while moving you to advance techniques.

    The only improvement I might see is in personal growth after graduating beginners. While in beginners, you are given the goal of learning those items in order to move into the other classes. Once you graduate, you are your only motivator. This is an understandable approach, but I feel that another list of items to master would help to keep most people going.

    This is a great gym. Please check them out.

  • Bob Hicls says:

    I have worked out at Performance Edge Training for the past year. The staff are professional in every aspect of the training they offer. Whether you are interested in MMA, street fighting or self-defense,Performance Edge Training has much to offer, regardless of your age or level of experience.

  • Kris Kleinsasser says:

    This is a great gym to train at whether you are new and just want to learn or you are more advanced and looking to fight in events. Aaron and Rikki are so personable and make everyone feel comfortable. All of the other people who belong are super nice and really helpful. It really gives you a sense of belonging to a gym and really has a family atomsphere about it. If you are looking for a place to train, definitely check them out. You won’t be sorry.

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