NOLABJJ was established in 2000 by a small group of of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners has grown to be one of the top Jiu Jitsu schools in Louisiana. Run by head instructor Matthias Meister and with the help of instructors Marco Macera and “Doc” Eddie Lirette, NOLABJJ is under the direct guidance of Rafael Ellwanger.

Rafael is a blackbelt under the legendary Carlos Gracie Jr. founder of Gracie Barra and son of the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Rafael is a US National, Brazilian, European and 2x Pan American champion.

Competitors from the NOLABJJ competition team consistently place and win at local, regional and national tournaments. Whether your goal is to compete, get in shape or learn self defence or a martial art, we will get you to your goal.

NOLABJJ is located in Uptown New Orleans inside the New Evolution Gym.


  • I TRAINED IN HAMMOND, LA. in 2009 with Rolls Gracie

    Thanks for your time,
    My name is John Gautreaux 3rd dan
    985- 258- 0685

    South East Louisiana Martial Arts School is inviting your school to attend, Mar 24-25 2012, in Lockport, La. a
    Ninjutsu seminar featuring Shihan Brian Tritico, !!

    SELaMAS predates the ninja boom of the 90’s. Training was aquired by attending Stephen K Hayes seminars in Ohio and Massaki Hatsumi !!!
    At one seminar Dr. Kelly Hill inttroduced himself and invited me to train in Baton Rouge, La. I accepted. In 2004 we hosted the Premier NINPO-N-LAFOURCHE with guest instructor Shihan Joe Adriance!

    This seminar Shihan Brian Tritico will be conducting the instruction!!

    $150 per adult $75 per high school/ college student
    Group rates and Family plan available

    Call TODAY !
    985- 258 0685 for more info

    john gautreaux

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