Performance Evolution (PE) is a state of the art fitness and sports training facility in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area. Our goal at PE is to become the area’s premier family fitness and sports training facility by providing not only the most physically and mentally stimulating fitness and training programs but a complete experience unlike any other in the industry. An experience with unmatched value including personal guidance, premium service, and the best results!

Unlike most MMA classes in which cage fighting confines are the basis, this class is designed to appeal to a wider range of users by delving deeper into more real world self-defense strategies, such as offsetting a weight disadvantage, defending against multiple opponents, and disarming an attacker. Practitioners will train mental strengthening techniques helping to improve areas such as overcoming fear, improving focus, controlling emotions and much more. It is a group think oriented class, in which practitioners of many different martial arts come together to aid one another in the achievement of peaceful enlightenment and personal strength.

For those athletes and members wanting to take their training to the extreme, the PE-Fight Team is the areas 1st complete MMA training center. Taking our innovative training techniques and mixing it with the area’s best martial arts and combative sport instructors, PE will be the premier location for practitioners in the world’s fastest growing sport. The PE-Fight Team is already comprised of some of the best amateur and pro fighters in the area.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, increase balance/agility, improve self-defense, enhance athletic ability, strengthen mental toughness, or simply have fun while improving your health, find the motivation and pathway here at PE.



  • Lisa says:

    Too Hot, Not organized. Sometimes unprofessional. But family oriented.

  • Marshall Bagot says:

    I am a huge fan of mma.The different disapleans an fundamentals are what got me.there is respect amongst all fighters an would like some material an would like to come check y’all out so along with ur material could you send your address

    Thank you
    Marshall Bagot

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