Power Extreme Fitness Training Center was established in February 2006 by Instructor/Coach, Brett Hughes, whose goal has always been to teach the most effective form of self defense to men, women, and children residing within the Greater New Orleans/West Bank area.

The Club has emphasized the teaching of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but has evolved into a full service Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. On the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu side we have benefited from the guidance and leadership of Professor Rafael Ellwanger/Gracie Barra.

Our Club guides the student step-by-step down the path to the coveted Black Belt. While the techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will easily provide a student with more than enough skill to defend themselves, it is our systematic curriculum and progressive teaching methods that will bring them to their goals faster and better than they ever believed possible.

The first thing that separates Power Extreme Fitness Training Center from other schools is the atmosphere. Coach Brett Hughes carefully screens every student to ensure that they possess the right character to become a part of the club. As a coach, he understands that the right class chemistry is essential to creating the proper learning environment. In other words, as the old joke goes: “Please leave your shoes and your ego at the door.” The next thing that contributes to the student’s success is the specifically designed training program that embraces a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

At Power Extreme Fitness Training Center, the student will experience a comprehensive program that includes dynamic and isometric stretching such as found in Yoga, functional strength training including military calisthenics and resistance training, cardio conditioning teaching specific breathing techniques for enhance performance, dietary/nutritional counseling for weight loss/muscular gain, and of course, the best MMA instruction available.

So, whether you’re interested in fitness, self-defense, becoming part of a team, meeting new people or just out to have a great time, Power Extreme Fitness Training Center is the place for you. We are truly honored to have positively influenced the lives of many of our students, and we would like to do the same for you.


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