Progressive Martial Arts Training Center, located in New Iberia, Louisiana, offers intensive instruction in Wing Chun (Kung Fu style), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali – a Filipino Martial Art and Grappling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Systems taught at Progressive Martial Arts Training Center were chosen because each system builds attributes that contribute to the development of a well rounded and complete martial artist.

At the Progressive Martial Arts Training Center, our training is designed for the realities of the real world. All of our instructors training and guidance is taken very serious yet done in a very relaxed fun filled environment. Classes are taught in a friendly, positive, and high energy environment focusing on three major components of the Martial Arts!

* Self-Defense
* Physical Fitness
* Mental and Personal Development

Within our training lesson plans are the building blocks which will give you a good solid foundation to be used in learning how to defend yourself. It utilizes the three major modes of learning: Audio, Visual, and Kinetic. It also uses three general areas for learning defense: physical, psychological, and environmental. Within these categories are a number of subjects which relate to the skills needed to prepare for avoiding and/or successfully surviving an actual physical attack.

Our program is designed to offer effective self-defense techniques for the average male and female in realistic self-defense situations. The average person can reasonably expect to defend themselves against the most common and probable attacks after learning and practicing the techniques present. As part of your experience here you will learn to think, breathe, and move. You’ll become tougher, learn how to effectively fight back, and your confidence will grow.


  • Kyle Domingue says:

    Do yall have age groups.Are 15 yr. olds allowed

  • droc says:

    Kyle, I believe they do offer training for teens as well…contact PMATC them for more information!

  • Dylan says:

    Can anyone verify if they have a training divison or a trainer for someone my age (14 yrs old). Thanks.

  • droc says:


    From the looks of it, their Youth classes are considered for ages 5-12. Since you are 14, you should be old enough to participate in the other programs that they offer. Get in touch with them! Good luck.

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