At CCK MMA (Caroll County Kenpo Karate), we have been teaching our self-defense focused martial art in Carroll County since 1997. In today’s world, self defense is a must for any age. At CCKK, you will learn realistic self-defense for modern attacks. Our non-traditional approach to self-defense trains you for today’s street.

Located in Westminster, Maryland, we teach AKKI Kenpo which is designed to be fast, effective, and powerful for all body types. Because Kenpo Karate is tailored to the individual, everyone can benefit from the training at CCKK. This doesn’t mean that we would mix kids in with adults like most martial art schools. This practice benefits neither adult nor child and no legitimate education system in the world would do this. At CCKK, training is age specific so select the program you are interested in below.

In addition, we offer AKKI striking, kick boxing, and western boxing are combined with BJJ, roman greco, free-style, sambo, judo and submission wrestling to create well rounded and effective fighters for the cage, ring or to challenge those looking for incredible work out.

At CCKK, we believe that to be truly successful in any aspect of combat one must be well rounded in all facets. This philosophy is especially true for competition martial arts. What sets CCKK apart is that we teach not only standup, clinch, and ground but the transitions in and out of each of these important disciplines.


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