“Your year round training academy”, Camp Tisdale in Lansing, Michigan, has specialized over the last decade in training all styles of wrestling for all ages, male and female. Now a days we’re striving to even provide MORE as we diversify our programming to also include classes in Grappling (Jiu-Jitsu), specific women’s wrestling, plus amateur and professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)- whatever you need!

We provide you with the 1 on 1 attention coupled with small group training to become the best, whether amateur or about to go PRO. Importantly, we provide you expert training in 3 styles of wrestling, grappling/Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, & boxing, and do it with experienced and certified instructors, those that have been successful competitors themselves.

Whether you are just starting out in your MMA career, or looking to refine such and head to that last level and get on the UFC circuit, we have what you’re looking for in MMA training. To prove, we have accelerated amateur classes during the days, and professional during the nights, both teaching advanced techniques, multiple styles, and disciplines to win in the cage.

We are sure you’ll see that we’re the most economical choice but also the most structured, disciplined, and organized training environment too, with committed and certified instructors ready to get you to the next level. As we like to say, “Come on home to Camp Tisdale”.


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