At Wolverine Martial Arts we believe that training should function much like a laboratory, an environment in which we can constantly grow and evolve. Questions are encouraged. Each individual, at their own pace, discovers what works for them through alive and realistic training with resisting opponents. Working in all ranges of unarmed self-defense, Wolverine Martial Arts creates an environment of self-discovery and cooperation. Children and individuals over 65 are welcome at our gym to have fun, learn, and work out in a relaxed, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

We are a gym first and foremost oriented around people. Whether your goal is self defense, combat athletics, fitness, or personal growth, we are open to any person, at any skill or fitness level, who walks through our doors. We train to be functional in all ranges of martial arts. Therefore it is imperative to integrate punching, kicking and grappling as soon as possible. Our curriculum is based on western boxing, Thai boxing, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

But when it comes to the training methods for self defense or sport, there is no distinction. All training is done in an alive manner, allowing realistic feedback from resisting opponents. All of this, as well as our impact and edged weapons curriculum are addressed in our Jeet Kune Do class. Because of the depth that ground-fighting has, we also have a separate Submission Grappling class in which we explore the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Shoot Wrestling and Sambo – trained with and without the gi.

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