Grand Rapids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Wyoming is West Michigan’s premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts training facility; we are part of Team Carlson Gracie, with Head instructor Clint Crabtree holding a Black Belt in BJJ. GRBJJ is a family friendly academy and welcomes visitors. If you are interested in trying out MMA you should give us a call or just stop by at any of the scheduled class times. We will be happy to give you a free tour of our facility, and you will be welcome to stick around and watch a class to see if you think it will be right for you. Come train with the best!

At GRBJJ, we teach men, women, and children the modern art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Head instructor, Clint Crabtree, is a certified BJJ blackbelt. Our program is part of team Carlson Gracie Jr., who is the grandson of founder Carlos Gracie. You will safely learn all aspect of the art in one of the best facilities in the Midwest. You will learn proper technique, drill different movements, and participate in live rolling (sparring). We offer both gi (with a uniform), and no-gi (without a uniform) classes. In BJJ gi class, you can earn rank in the form of colored belts. Belts go from (lowest to highest) white, blue, purple, brown, and black. Many of our students compete in competitions around the Midwest, and some do it just for recreation.

You can safely learn Mixed Martial Arts in one of the finest training facilities in the Midwest. With our 1,800 square feet of top of the line Zebra brand mats and a full pro 21 foot cage, you can safely learn the techniques that the pros use. Under the tutelage of head instructor Clint Crabtree and several experienced coaches, you will learn elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Muai Thai, San Shou, Boxing, and more. Our classes feature a variety of modern cardio workouts, drilling technique, and live sparring.

Many GRBJJ students have dominated in MMA shows around the state, and we have won numerous title belts from different promotions in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Detroit. Many of our students love to fight, and some just like to train and learn the different arts.



  • Ryan says:

    Grand Rapids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is no longer a Team Jorge Gurgel Affiliate.
    The Owner / Head Instructor abandoned the Team Jorge Gurgel Lineage that the school was founded on without notice to the Team, Professor Jorge Gurgel or the students of Grand Rapids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Grand Rapids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is now affiliated with Team Carlson Gracie.

  • James says:

    Top Notch gym, with top notch INSTRUCTORS and competitors! Carlson Gracie Jr. is amazing and very respectable in the bjj/mma world. MUCH better than what we had! WISE move on the instructor/owner for the switch! As a student I was well informed and very happy with the switch! We have so much knowledge of the sport coming to us everyday were on the mat!! GREAT PLACE TO TRAIN and LEARN respect of the sport!!

  • Ben says:

    The reviewer, Ryan, above is a former member of GRBJJ who left to join a new school that a white belt started. While at GRBJJ, he embraced the change to Carlson Gracie, and was the first one to buy new Carlson Gracie gi’s and merchandise and told everyone how great the change was.

    He got promoted to a higher belt shortly after leaving the school. You figure it out.

    GRBJJ is the best BJJ school in the area by far. It has the only certified BJJ black belt in West Michigan, Clint Crabtree. It has the most students and by FAR the best facility. It has changed my life, and I am glad Ryan is gone. Our huge building couldn’t hold his giant ego.

  • Ben says:

    Worst gym ever. They say its a family environment….the head instructor has left his wife and 3 kids for some girl who is young enough to be his own child. He asked people to pay in cash so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Your talking a dead beat dad try to get everything he wants and let’s his children suffer. Go to a real family gym! 3rd law bjj. We are located on lower plainfield! Come check us out! It will be worth your time! We don’t sleep with out students!

  • clint says:

    Ryan, your kidding me right? Everyone knew what was happening especially YOU!! You were the first and most vocal advocate of the change… You told me you were tired of being yelled at by Jorge, his drug use, his lack of attention and the fact that he married one of his students in a fake marriage to get his green card. Now Jorge is married to another student of his…

    I have been a Master Carlson Gracie follower longer than you have done BJJ. Shortly after leaving GRBJJ you were promoted to Brown Belt… This was a direct reflection on what I had taught you, You can change history now and say Jorge taught you this…. But the fact is that you trained with Jorge at seminars maybe what 4 times during your stay at GRBJJ,,, which by-the-way isn’t as long as you now claim.

    The last Ben to comment, I believe, is a girl that was stalking me.. Jen. This same girl was arrested by Wyoming PD for harassment. I find it funny you guys have time to get on the computer and talk bad about other people while GRBJJ is busy training and growing.

    You guys wanna throw stones, while instructors from that other school were smoking dope and letting their wife have a sleep over with her boyfriend and another girl. We are family here at GRBJJ, that is why I kicked Ryan out of the Academy when he lied to me to my face about wanting more time with his family when in reality Ryan was soliciting other martial art schools to see if they would hire him to start a Jorge Gurgel school. (Remember JG has married 2 of his students). Ryan didn’t know I knew about this and had nothing to say when I called him on it.

    I say good riddance to all the supposed “instructors” who left here. We at GRBJJ are better off and the performance we have at competitions and MMA events shows.

    Go steal other peoples ideas and name for your school.

    You have a problem with me or GRBJJ? Don’t be afraid to come in and see us. 3210 Jefferson Ave SE… want the phone #?? 616-719-2773,, come on in!!

    See you at your charity in house tourney….

  • all these comments are not necessary to read, just go to both gyms and check them out.
    Clint did go through a rough patch in his life there is no denying it, even rumors that he threatened to kill his wife. Yes maybe he avoided paying taxes to the IRS or child support, but many other instructors do the same thing. Sometimes gyms struggle to get ahead so they make students pay many months ahead by offering a special deal, or force them into annual contracts. It happens everywhere from greed. Just protect yourself when you go to a gym, never pay with cash, never sign annual contracts, or any fee’s that make no sense at all. It is ok for anyone to make profit, but be cautious if it is for the instructors greed or to help the sport/art. It is easy to tell right away, do you need to buy a special uniform? is there a sign up fee? why? is there a annual contract? why are they afraid you won’t like the gym? what is the termination policy? Look at the students, do they look like criminals? enough said no need to slander anyone online.

  • Tim says:

    Look at all the problems and trash talk this school has, I took classes at GRBJJ for two weeks, during that time my car was broken into (crappy part of town), class was canceled when there was just a little snow, the instructor wanted me to pay cash if possible instead of credit card, I went to 3rd law just to check it out and felt very welcome and the instruction actually was much better if you were a beginner. They gave me 7 days free to try the gym out, now I feel like throwing away the Gi I bought from Clint Crabtree, but at the price I paid I could have ordered two online for the same price. The instructors have nothing bad to say about any other school at 3rd law. They seem the utmost in professionals. I recommend everyone try a few different schools before making a decision on where they spend their time training.

  • The school is closed thank you all for your support, please all students find a new gym preferably 3rd law,

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