Welcome to Cambridge Mixed Martial Arts in Cambridge, Minnesota, the area’s premier school of self-defense and fitness for adults and children! Cambridge Mixed Martial Arts sets the standard for realistic martial arts training creating a unique,safe and fun environment. Whether you’re looking for the Ultimate in Functional Self Defense, achieving an elite level of fitness, or to one day compete, CMMA is the place to begin your MMA Journey!

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our style of martial arts, our staff and provide you with information on how to contact us as well.

Our MMA classes include completely, integrated functional training in the following areas:


Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing


Greco Roman Wrestling, Muay Thai


Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling


1. STREET MMA – The principles of Mixed Martial Arts as applied for non-sport situations. Street MMA calls for large amounts of few rules sparring, and we encourage our students to do sport MMA sparring and competitions.

The philosophy behind street MMA is that sport MMA needs some changes in strategy ( less emphasis on staying on the ground, awareness of weapons and multiple opponents).

2. SPORT MMA – Mixed Martial Arts designed for sporting competition, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship( UFC ), Pride Fighting Championship or Vale Tudo style fighting matches. These matches usually have two unarmed persons fighting with the following core rules:

1. No biting 2. No eye-gouging 3. No groin attacks

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