At The Wolves Den MMA, located at Wolf Studios in Minnetonka, Minnesota, train to win in the cage, equip yourself with the two most effective MMA arts: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Join this class today and gain cardio, flexibility, strength as well as ground and stand up skills. Expect a caliber, friendly and open environment where leaving our egos at the door and learning is paramount!

We also offer instruction in Boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, cardio, flexibility, strength training and self-defense for women and men. Try your first class for FREE!


  • KJL says:

    Waste of your time! We had an event at the Wolves Den that we had set up through them. It was a 2 hr event from 7p-9p which included the first hour to be a class taught by an instructor and the remaining hour to be a social hour where we could get ready for the rest of the night and hang out. First we got there at 645p to get ready for the class, to find out the building was closed and locked up. We waited until 7p and when we still could not get in we tried calling the number provided to us when we set up the event, which is also the number on the front door. It stated that “The number we were calling was no longer accepting phone calls”.

    Then at 715p the instructor finally showed up, stating that the owner was running late. When we finally got into the building after waiting outside in 90+ degree weather, we found that the space we had set up for up to 20 people to participate in, had just 5 poles available. The instructor also informed us that she was not really an instructor there, but just subbing. It was a joke. As part of the event we were to get champange and a cake…again for up to 20 participants. We got 1 bottle of chamagne and a 7in x 7in Sarah Lee box cake that wouldnt feed 10 people let alone the 20 we were told it would accomidate. After the hour long class we started to change and get ready for the night out…we were then rushed out because we had to be out of the building by 9p…even though we didnt actually get in until almost 725p because of the instructor being late. All in all, this studio was a huge joke! I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time or money there!

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