KZ-Mixed Martial Arts in Joplin, Missouri, is a group of individuals dedicated to, and held together by their common belief in training ALIVE. KZ-MMA is not any one particular school. KZ-MMA is people. It is made up of some of the most talented, intelligent, inspired, honest, and functional Martial Artists you will ever, or could ever meet.

We are not an MMA gym, BJJ federation, JKD school, firearms facility, self-defense academy or fitness center. We are each, and all of those and much, much more; integrated and systematically comprehensive through the blood, sweat, trials and critical thinking of training through, and with, aliveness. Even though KZ-MMA does place a large emphasis on the beautiful, practical, and gentle Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, KZ-MMA is not just a BJJ school.

Even though KZ-MMA does place a large emphasis on the grandfather of all stand up fighting Arts – Boxing, and the coach has a strong background in Boxing, Muay Thai, and other boxing based Arts; KZ-MMA is not just a Boxing, or Kickboxing Gym.

Even though KZ-MMA does place a large emphasis on the much neglected Art of fighting in the clinch, including strikes (elbows, knees, hands, headbutts, etc), takedowns and throws (as drawn from Greco Roman wrestling, freestyle, and BJJ), and positional domination (as drawn from Greco Roman, and Muay Thai), KZ-MMA is not a wrestling Gym, or MMA “fight club”.

KZ-MMA is about people, and our goal is to offer the cutting edge in self-defense, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth, to every type of human body that walks through our door. Not just the 22 Year old Athletes (although they will certainly find their niche here as well), but to professionals who have to work 45 hour weeks, to women of all ages, older people looking to get in shape, have fun, and learn self defense.

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