KC Xtreme Couture in Independence, Missouri, and part of the Xtreme Couture MMA network founded by Randy Couture, offers the following:

* 2 Floors, Over 11,000 Sq. Ft.
* Bag Training Area
* Boxing Ring
* Mat Area

* MMA Retail Pro Shop
* Men & Women Showers
* Octagon Cage
* Weight Equipment


  • derrick wicks says:

    how much does it cost a month??

  • Ian says:

    is this gym even open anymore?

  • droc says:

    Hi Ian

    From reading the official XC site, looks like this gym may have closed, which unfortunately is happening to many other facilities during this bad economy.


  • swest says:

    I apologize however i noticed a rude comment you had made to Mr. Wicks, now I have read the little information on this page and nowhere on there does it have a price on it. So maybe you should become familiar with your own page before being a smart ass to someone who asked a legitimate question.

  • droc says:

    Excuse me swest?

    We were trying to point him in the right direction. That comment was left last year, while the gym was still in operation, and that page we linked him to had pertinent information. Obviously, the gym has ceased operations and their website is gone. Also, Xtreme Couture’s own webpage does not show KC anymore as one of their locations. We can’t post everyone’s rates because they are either subject to change at anytime or only available upon inquiry; obviously, we have many gyms listed here, so it would be difficult to list everybody’s rates.

    We don’t think we were rude in showing him the link to their website. That is what this site is all about: Helping people find a place to train. Please read a little harder before you start calling out people, smart ass.

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