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At St. Louis Training Circle, we offer classes in MMA combat sport and self defense. We are a community of both boxing and grappling competitors as well as “average joes” who enjoy training MMA for fitness, fun and effective self-defense. We train a very technical game, and train a lot, and definitely train hard at our MMA Classes. Our club’s goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for people to train the athletic responses of MMA (Boxing and Thai Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). We train the fundamentals, focusing on high percentage fighting techniques and a highly technical game.

We use progressive resistance to bring MMA athletes up slowly. We do not teach our MMA classes by “beating up on you” and there is no sort of initial “hazing” at our gym. We’ve heard about these practices at some other gyms. Instead, at our MMA club, everyone is welcome to come learn at their own pace. As a result, if you are in reasonably fair physical condition, and determined enough to show up and train regularly, you will do fine here. We will start slow and easy, and as you get better, we will pick up the pace. This is what is meant by progressive resistance in MMA training!

We feel that for self-defense training to be effective the student must train in all three fighting ranges. That is, he must be a capable fighter in the stand-up striking range, in the clinch range, and in the groundfighting range. This makes MMA a very effective method for self-defense- as MMA fighters are typically well-rounded athletes who perform well in all three fighting ranges.

Our MMA training classes use progressive self-defense drills and are performed in a spirit of fun and friendship. We take great care with one another when we are training MMA techniques. Our progressive self-defense drills initially involve little real physical contact. As the MMA fighter grows more proficient with skills of offense and defense, he or she is slowly eased into harder, more realistic contact levels. But only when the fighter feels comfortable at that contact level, and requests it.

Our self-defense drills are devised to be as life-like as possible. In this way the progression to sparring in our MMA classes is far more natural. Our training methods will not force you to “learn to swim by being thrown into the river. A person can not learn new things in that sort of class environment. That kind of training creates a fear based mindset.

The only thing the fear based mind can do is recreate old patterns, that is do what it already knows. In our MMA training classes, you will need to learn new ways of reacting to old problems. That is best accomplished in a spirit of play and friendship. A play-based-mindset is characterized by the freedom to try new things and the ability to learn quite rapidly. This mindset is the fastest way to learn self-defense.

If you are interested in possibly training MMA with a great group of people, please contact us via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


  • Nowell says:

    I’ve been training for about three years @ St. Louis Training Circle and can honestly say that my time there is well-spent, constantly refining my fundamental knowledge of submission wrestling, BJJ, clinch, and striking.

    In the past three years, I’ve traveled to other MMA gyms in the area, as well as in larger cities. Here’s something I’ve noticed: the gyms with the tough-guy attitude never seem to progress when I revisit. It’s all about progression, and there’s no time for the tough guy image in training.

    We’re respectful of your own personal authority, as well as one’s ability to think through your own game and be critical. There’s always something to work on, refine, and become better than the rest… While still having fun.

    STLTC is all about the training partners, who are there to help progress fighters, not hold them back with ego or non-martial arts-related BS. We just train standup, clinch and ground via the best training methods possible. Genuine training gets your a genuine fighter.

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