Owned and operated by memebrs of the St. Louis Police Department, The St. Louis Combat Institute is an “old school” style martial arts gym. The St. Louis Combat Institute is proud to now be a part of the legendary PIT MMA family. Home of UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, Ultimate Fighter winner Court McGee and Strkeforce veteren Tim Kennedy, The PIT is one of the most legendary MMA training schools in the world. Train for a fight or train like a fighter.

We are not a franchise or strip mall “McDojo”. Our training comes directly from Israel and Head Instructor Moshe Katz, 4th dan black belt in Krav Maga, Boaz Aviram, former Chief Krav Maga Instructor for the Israeli Defense Forces and Itay Gil, Chief Close-Quarter Combat Instructor for Israel’s elite counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit, “Yamam” and featured in the National Geographic Channel program “Human Weapon”.



  • Cortnie says:

    I love this school! I have been a member for a month now. My instructors are very knowledgeable in what they teach.
    I was a victim of violence which prompted me to look into self defense.
    I feel cofident in just a month that I can now handle that situation if I was faced with it again. I was so suprised my first night of classes. At how nice the instructors and fellow students are.
    It is like my home away from home and I feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Former member says:

    I would be extremely cautious in pursuing membership at this gym. While the Krav instructor, Joe, is very knowledgeable on the subject matter, the kickboxing instructor, Jennifer, lacks the necessary skills that are required in teaching kickboxing. I question if she can perform any of the exercises she has students doing. At times, when teaching combos, she confuses herself and appears dumb-founded. I question her credentials. In addition, the school has had a history of condescending behavior towards students including lying, manipulation, and deceit. Certain students have been targeted and they have eventually left. Some students have even been “forced” out of the school unofficially by actions of the instructors. I would strongly encourage anyone considering membership at St. Louis Combat Institute to reconsider.

  • ddjdmdmd says:

    I have trained and instructed for the US Navy and USMC and currently am a state certified civilian police officer firearms instructor. The training that Combat Institute of STL offers is real life, simple and very effective. It offers economy in every respect and the school is run by one of SLPD’s finest. The training is current and free of foreign lanuage, unnecessary showy, flashy techniques adn concentrates on what is the best current information the tactical community offers.

  • Saff says:

    I became a member of The St Louis Combat Institute this summer,after attending the Grand Opening of their new school. I was impressed to see that they had the backing of the Mayor of St Louis City, Govenor of Missouri, several City Alderman and the SLMPD. That day several news crews were on sight filming the big event for that evenings news. They completely deserve the backing of these high officals. The instructors know what they are doing through and through.

    As the Mayor said that day of head instructor Joe. ” Joe is a great asset to the Community of St Louis City, as a member of the SLMPD police force and now teaching and offering much needed self defense to the citizens of STL City”. I was a part of many varied martial arts throughout the years. I learned more at STL Combat in month than many years at the others. I am so comfortable here, I convinced my wife to join with me also. This is the place you NEED to be training at.

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