At Dogpound Fight Team in Missoula, Montana, we coach everyone from the Elite Athlete to the average person just trying to get in better shape. Our classes range from no contact cardio to full contact fighting. We are a Behring Jiu Jitsu affiliate, nd we pride ourselves on being the number one fight team in the state, and back it up with more than just words.

We offer a strict training routine for our active fighters, and also offer a great work-out routine for anybody just wanting to get in shape and feel confident about defending themselves. As well as our regular practices, we offer a “Fighter Cardio” routine, three times a week. This is designed to get any fighter ready for the toughest battle, and it’ll whip anybody in shape.

Our coaches are:
Brandon Olsen: Top Ranked Submission Grappler, BJJ Black Belt and Professional MMA fighter
Matthew Powers: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt and Striking/Clinch Coach


  • Shawn Arnold says:

    Obviously the only people rating this gym so far has been people that have had to face them. lol. It should be 5 star. The Dog Pound is well known for being the best gym in the state for both amateurs and pro’s. They have a number of fighters who compete in the larger organizations. Their coach, Matt Powers, is a black belt in jj, an experienced Muay Thai Practitioner, and has connections. It might sound like I go to the gym but I don’t. I am one of his competitors in the State in Great Falls at Electric City MMA. If you are looking for great coaching and to have experienced fighters all around you to help you improve your technique or even just to get in great shape the Dog Pound is the answer. Best team in MT.

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