At RTC Martial Arts, located at Kicking Tigers USA Tae Kwon Do in Omaha, Nebraska, students will learn multiple techniques to be applied to their own particular style. It is understood that you must be comfortable to be effective. Because of this, the student will learn the techniques Mr. Anthony Ray offers and will be responsible to incorporate them into the comfort of their own style which will be developed through experience. Failure will be corrected by the Master’s guidance as failure shows you must adjust your technique, it does not mean that your technique will not work. In this situation students will be expected to pursue a greater personal level as they become more experienced.

Techniques from Boxing, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Kick-Boxing, Judo and Jujitsu are all brought into the classroom. Techniques such as kicking, punching, joint manipulation, grappling and full fledge combat will be addressed and taught through effective and close physical training. How to attack will be fine-tuned, as well as how to defend against attacks. Grappling and ground fighting will be practiced regularly, along with locks focusing on wrists, elbows and arms to encourage submission of an opponent. Internal and external strength will be harnessed by the repetition of effective stances, learning how to flow with momentum of movements and the constant focus to learn more advanced techniques.

Advancement will be available every three months although many times you will need more then three months to master your level. You must first be able to show Instructor Mr. Ray that you are capable for advancement in order to earn the privilege to test for you next rank. There will be challenges for each person to overcome. They will confront your determination, skills and your ability to adapt. Through all the hard work, both physical and mental, your ability to overcome these challenges will mature your martial skills, and you will be well on your way to the path of the Martial Artist.

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