Steiner Academy of Martial Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, is committed to the highest quality martial arts instruction for your entire family. Research shows that developing the physical skills of self-defense is beneficial to both you and your children by improving self-confidence, as well as self-control. These are incredibly valuable skills in school, at work and on the street, if necessary. Our school offers Comprehensive Martial Arts instruction for students of all ages, with classes in Shaolin Kempo, Brazillian Ju-jitsu, Kyusho Jitsu, Sparring, Womens self defense, and Tactical and civilian firearms education.

Our Academy teaches a system of Martial Arts known as Kempo in Japanese, or Chuan’Fa in Chinese. The Art of Kempo has a long and colorful history that originated in China and encompasses Hawaii, Japan and Okinawa. The word Kempo means “Fist Method”, or “The Way of the Fist”. The teachers of ancient China classified three categories of fighting: striking (chuan’fa), grappling (shuai jiao) and joint-locking (qin na). Although Kempo is named for one of these, we teach methods that deal with all three disciplines in order for students to be effective at defending themselves from many types of attack.

Sensei Shawn Steiner has been teaching Martial Arts in Omaha since 1997 and is a well-respected member of the community. His dedication to the success of his students is unparalleled and his passion for teaching is second to none. Sensei Steiner is directly involved in the daily operations and classes at the Academy.

The Academy is the cleanest, safest, and most welcoming in the Omaha area. We encourage you to come in and participate in a class to determine if Kempo is right for you or your family.


  • JNT says:

    It is a privilege to practice with the many amazing people who make up the community of martial artists at this dojo. I have learned

    many things while training in self-defense at the Steiner Academy of Martial Arts. However, none of them come as difficult for me as

    the physical aspect. I could have many excuses not to try martial arts: I can’t learn physically, my body doesn’t move that way, I’m

    out of shape, this is too hard, everyone else is better than me and I keep practicing wrong. But there is one reason I have not given

    up on myself. Training in martial arts at Steiner Academy is many things, but the one most important to me is that I’m not just

    learning how to conquer an opponent, but I’m learning how to conquer myself, my doubts, my fears and insecurities. Sensei Steiner and

    the instructors at the Academy believe that they are not only shaping amazing martial artists but amazing people. So no matter your

    excuse, I encourage you to give Steiner Academy of Martial Arts an opportunity to help you discover your doubts, fears and

    insecurities because in discovering them you also discover the opportunity to conquer them all.

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