Krav Maga Las Vegas is not merely another school of martial arts based on traditional approaches. It is a modern method characterized by a coherent and logical way of thinking which builds up easy, natural, and practical techniques featuring simple movements of the human body. Its lethal nature simulates real life situations. It teaches people how to save lives and to cope with common street violence. To be effective in the streets, Krav Maga cannot include rules and limitations. Therefore, there are no sport competitions for Krav Maga because it is designed to remain a realistic fighting system.

Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc. was created in 1999 to help spread Krav Maga training across the United States and around the globe. Darren Levine, 6th degree black belt and recipient of a Founder’s Diploma from Krav Maga creator Imi Lichtenfeld, founded the company. The company certifies instructors and oversees quality control at hundreds of authorized Krav Maga Worldwide training centers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Europe. Krav Maga Las Vegas is proud to offer two locations in the area to serve their residents!


  • Armando.G says:

    If u want sport go to an mma gym, but if u want more than just mere sport and be in tip top shape mentally and physically this is the place. I went to get a free class not knowing what to expect, that’s an understatement to what u get in return. My goal was to get in shape but once u try the self defense/ground/fighting side of it u can’t get enough of it. And it becomes like a hunger inside of you that ask for more . The best group of instructors are there to make u feel like u can do it but i wil tell u this they will be on you only so u can get more than your moneys worth. I can appreciate that!!! Try a free class it will not dissapoint trust me im still there!!!!!!!

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