Precision MMA/Hudson Valley Jiu-Jitsu, located in the Freedom Business Center in LaGrange, New York, offers multiple classes 7 days a week. Unlike other schools that only teach one style of martial arts, Hudson Valley Jiu-Jitsu offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Submission Grappling, Muay Thai, and Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling. All of our instructors are proven competitors our staff includes Ultimate Fighter veterans, Olympians, Golden Gloves champions, Thailand Stadium Fighters, and Jiu-Jitsu Champions.


  • Chris says:

    Overall, this MMA club gives it a nice try, but I wouldn’t consider it a good “School”.

    I say club because that’s the kind of feel the place has. Not very professional and the instructors are a bit on the young and inexperienced side. There are no Black Belts in BJJ and the Muay Thai instructor was very young. If they were charging about half, it might be worth it, but the rate of injury at this school is very high due to lack of supervision and structure.

    Brian McLaughlin, the club owner is a talented low level fighter, but I felt that the website was a little hyped for who he was. If he had lower prices and was a little more upfront about not having a lot of victories over big name fighters, it would be ok. I was a little surprised that someone would tout being on a Ultimate Fighter after being eliminated almost immediately. Once again, this is an example of a very young mindset and a reflection of the type of training at this school. McLaughlin seems to be looking to boost his own career as a fighter more than an instructor and as a result, the students suffer both educationally and physically.

    Good club, bad school.

  • Tom says:

    The above post is completely slanderous, most likely written by a competitor school.

    Precision MMA is a fantastic school. Brian is the only mma champion in the hudson valley and cares about his students deeply. I’ve trained at the gym for a number of years and have never seen the injuries or lack of supervision that was mentioned, in fact its quite the opposite.

    Brian never lost on TUF, he was medically eliminated.

    Brendan the muay thai coach is incredible and a great instructor – regardless of his age.

    Also Brian IS A BLACK BELT IN BJJ and is the only instructor in the hudson valley to submit BJJ black belts in grappling and MMA.

  • Brian says:

    Precision MMA is an awesome school with great people. Anyone in the area should check it out!

  • Jeremy says:


    First of all, the first post wasn’t slander because it’s true.

    At the time it was writted, Brian McLaughlin was not a black belt in ANYTHING.

    Additionally, Brian received his Black Belt in BJJ on October 3, 2010. The person “Tom” claims Brian was a Black Belt on September 17th before Brian received it. What he posted was not true and is why I don’t go to Precision MMA. Making the statement taht Brian is the only one to tap out Black Belts or the only MMA Champion in the entire Hudson Valley is also untrue and insulting to other schools. While not an MMA fighter, Mike Wacker close by is a very accomplished BJJ Black Belt and there is no need to insult him. There are also some very good choices for BJJ and MMA in the Hudson Valley.

    There are a lot of things that some people at Precision MMA claim that are not true and Tom pretty much helps us sum up why smart people choose better schools.

  • TapSkillz says:

    If you don’t want to fight, go somewhere else.

  • B.H.BJJ says:

    30 days FREE!!! ya no way.. awesome but what they dont tell you is that the gym is dirty, the instruction is marginal and that it smells like a wet dog in the gym.. but hey, if u wanna go on the ultimate fighter and lose your first bout.. come meet the owner.. he did…

  • Mike says:

    I am disappointed there is mudslinging on both sides here. If you are going to trash talk, at least be a little more subtle about it (above me). Stop the hate people.

    I will, and for that matter can, speak only for the school that I train at. I’ve trained here for the past 2 years. Brian is a legit BJJ black belt and his aforementioned promotion was long overdue as anyone in the know saw that he started tapping black belts in competition years ago. He is a dedicated, patient instructor, and above all else a good person.

    To vouch for him, I’d like to share one of my experiences. I had a particularly nasty cauliflower in the cove of my right ear that was blocking my hearing (I will admit it was my fault for letting it get too far). Although he didn’t have to, Brian took me to his house, after a 10:00PM class, to drain it, and the swelling went down considerably.

    In addition, one of the members of the gym gave me his headgear to use; this is a good, well meaning group of guys. You will find a variety of training partners and there is safe training. Dangerous submissions are not allowed until you have reached a certain level of knowledge of the art. I am only 130 LBS, so I am constantly training with bigger guys and have had no major injuries. It is indeed beginner friendly; I can say this confidently as I am usually the one working with beginners. I am more than happy to go light and work with you; ultimately, you have to be willing to learn.

    As for the Muay Thai instruction, Brendan Weafer is a personable and skilled instructor who is a sought after sparring partner for high-level pros. You can find him on the Sherdog fight finder or find videos of him or his students in action online. That is good enough for me.

    I don’t have the time to attend the wrestling classes, but the coaches have great credentials. All 3 were Division 1 competitors in college, and Daniel Sanchez went to the Olympics for Greco twice.

    This is clean gym. I have never broken out with a skin infection in my 2 years of near daily training here. I take all the necessary precautions when it comes to cleanliness. The mats are mopped with a disinfectant daily, sometimes twice. Gear is sprayed down after striking classes. THIS IS HARD TRAINING! If you want a gym that smells like Martha Stewart’s kitchen, I guess you’ll have to go someplace else. There isn’t much else I can say about this.

    It comes down to one thing: Try out multiple places, and choose the one best suited for you, simple as that.

  • B.H. BJJ says:

    be subtle about what?? haha… I am glad that you and Brian have such a close personal connection like that… makes me smile… as for muay thai.. u can find videos of anyone, good or not.. glad u base ur quailty on the number of Youtube hits an instructor gets.. o yeah and quick question.. are you guys going to get a new sign?… cause there is a new Asian restaurant moving in down the street that feels that you ripped off their lettering…

  • Greg says:

    I’ve been going to Precision MMA since it opened and have loved every second of it. If you’re in the hudson valley its a great school with awesome people, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

  • Sam says:

    I have been apart of PMMA for over 5 months and i must say that it is the best plcae for a great workout. They have awsome trainers, a great enviroment to workout in and amazing people to be around. Highly recommended for everyone, Brian and all coaches are awsome guys…so get your butt and get to Precision MMA…It will be the best thing that happens to you….

  • Grant says:

    I’ve been at Precision MMA since they first opened and have loved everything about it. Training there is great and the people are outstanding, definitely check it out!

  • Rich says:

    I’ve been training at Precision MMA since my senior year of high school and I can say it’s easily the best place I’ve ever trained at. I’ve been to numerous MMA and boxing gyms throughout Dutchess and Ulster county and none have even come close to the level of professionalism and attention I’ve encountered at Precision.

    Head instructor Brian is extremely attentive to both his adult and child students, and the schedule and training regimen he’s established at the gym is very efficient. He’s also brought in amazing instructors from all combat backgrounds. Golden gloves champions, muay thai champions, brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belts, former Division I and Olympic wrestlers and professional MMA fighters all teach students in a friendly, educational environment. The level of training and competition preparation has prepared me to step into the ring myself multiple times, each time achieving victory.

    I’ve had zero hinderances and unmeasurable gains as a martial artist and as a human being, as Brian is invested in his students both inside and outside the gym. He and his staff check up on injured students and ask for status reports from the parents of younger students.

    I can’t imagine training anywhere else besides Precision MMA. Everything there is amazing!!!

  • NYMAGMMA says:

    I taught both of these blackbelts everything they know. So come checkout my gym, I offer 2 weeks free. I’m a very accomplished author and very famous rock musician and that is aside from being the most accomplished blackbelt in NY state. I take pride in teaching and I prefer to teach underage girls. So if you’re ever in town come check my gym out.

  • jake says:

    ok.i have to say something. I’ve looked at reviews of like a bunch of other gyms and i haven’t seen any with this many post or this much back and forth. i don’t go to any gym yet and i was thinking this one. as i started to read i went back and fourth. in fact it made me not want to go to any gym because it really feels like half of the stuff written here is from two gyms fighting. hey your are mma gyms settle it the way you know how tournaments one gym vrs another and call it a day. as for the black belt not black belt. ive done almost every different sport and i go to art school so i do look at people who have done well in the areas I’m working in, but at the end of the day a very skilled person can be a very shitty teacher. anyways once i got through all the mess above i can to one conclusion, JUST GO, you don’t like it try another.

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