JKDNYC is a company dedicated to providing you with high quality martial arts in New York City. Chris Moran invision’s martial arts as a median to explore all the far reaching influence of the genre. From training for self defense, competition, health, law enforcement, philosophical curiosity, and one’s personal journey are just some example of the influence of martial arts. Our roots are in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and we hope to provide you with a solid foundation in this amazing art form.

e are dedicated to promoting the martial arts life style in new york. We teach mixed martial arts and self defense classes derived from Bruce Lee JKD. Personal training and small group classes include muay thai , kali , Escrima, Boxing , Wing Chun, brazilian jujitsu, Savate kickboxing, strength and conditioning training. Chris Moran invision’s martial arts training as a median to uncover ones real strength. By challenging the students mind, body, and spirit to grow into new heights of self awareness. whether its training for self defense, mixed martial arts , competition, health, fitness, philosophy , each student will grow in their own way as a martial artist.

We are a proud member of Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) which is an organization dedicated to teaching realistic self defense and promoting the expansion of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. JKDNYC is open to providing professional martial arts service in different area’s not just teaching.

Learn more in days with us and obtain skills you can use now. Not years later…Learn the best techniques and strategies from the following martial arts all rapped into one course: Savate – Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, Women’s Self-Defense, and more…



  • Toheeb A. says:

    Of all instructors I’ve spoken to, Chris Moran stood out the pile because of his words. He spoke in a different light about JKD, the internal aspects of it. Hearing him speak one can only
    feel the flux of emotions and feel that he’s passionate about the art. Working with him for the past 13 months now I see his words definitely matches his actions.

  • Gabriel says:

    Cool place too train. small group classes that are affordable and we get alot done in an hour. Just started but learning so much!

    We do alot of drills , that get harder as you get better. Check it out definitely recommend it.

  • Carter B. says:

    It’s been a long and strenuous day of school and work. From 7am to 5pm, I slave away and fight off the temptation to sink into the sand pit of dreamland, finding solace only in momentary handfuls of salted almonds and dried apricots. Delicious, but not very fulfilling. Then my day ends, and it’s time for Jeet Kune Do class. I can barely contain my excitement.

    I enter Roy Arais studios and after being greeted warmly by the receptionist, I make my way through the lobby full of aspiring actors and actresses waiting for their auditions. It’s all eyes on me when I exit the elevator, and everybody knows why. That’s right, amateur leading lady; hardcore martial artist coming through. They can tell by my aura of pure testosterone fueled confidence. I swag my way down the narrow hallway into room 401c where the humble Sifu Chris is already working my comrades into a sweat. He hits me with that smile that says “Carter, you’re twenty-six and a half minutes late, but I still love you.” I greet my fellow classmates and immediately leap into action.

    Foam knives whiz through the air with deadly intent. The thrill of combat sends euphoric chills throughout my body. My favorite Mos Def song plays in the background. I start to get tired and slack off, but Sifu Chris notices everything and makes sure I give a hundred and ten percent, a hundred and twenty percent of the time. There’s only four other people in the class, and we’re all the best of friends. I’ll probably write on my sparring buddy’s Facebook wall later, and we can talk about how much we both love Jeet Kune Do so much, just like every night.

    Jeet Kune Do brought my life in a really positive direction. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes and watch Netflix in my spare time. Now, I do push-ups and listen to Erykah Badu. After doing JKD for only 5 months, I look and feel better in general. I’ve made some real friends in this class, and honestly, if anyone is looking for a real, hands-on, and casual yet combative martial arts class, hop on that train to Times Square, grab a slice of dollar pizza, look both ways before crossing the street, and come on upstairs. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Zakia P. says:

    I’ve been searching for a great self defense program for quite a while and finally got blessed when the opportunity to be a part of JKDNYC came my way. I couldn’t ask for anything better learning self defense and martial arts put together as one dynamic force is practically the best of both worlds all in one. I recommend everyone especially females to check out JKDNYC and take the opportunity to join a fantastic program that is an essential and valuable asset to have on your shoulders for yourself as a great discipline and rewarding experience and more so to prepare you for mainly anything that comes your way in this crazy world we live in. JKDNYC is KICKASS so come and get a taste..

  • Victor L. says:

    Being new to the whole martial arts scene, i did in depth research on what style, school, and instructor i wanted to take up. After 2 weeks i had made up my mind as to which school i wanted to join, JKD NYC. Sifu Chris Moran is a phenomenal instructor, with over 10 years of experience just stepping into the first class you sense the martial arts atmosphere right away. I’ve been a student at this school for about 5 months and i can honestly say that it has been one of the best experiences in my life. Sifu Moran takes his time with each individual student, making sure that everyone excels. He is very professional, knowledgable and respectful in every aspect. One of my most memorable moments had to be when we were told that Sifu Singh was to be conducting a seminar which we co hosting! Those were one of the most important weekends in my life. I encourage anyone who is looking for a hobby, new form of exercise or someone who is just willing to try something truly great, to consider JKDNYC. What JKD in general brought to my life is a sense of responsibility and courage to defend myself not only in the streets, but in my life. I hope to continue my studies at this school and to hopefully train with new students in the future. Thank you sifu!

  • Cristina U. says:

    I have been training under Sifu Chris Moran for about 4mos now and loving every moment of it. I have been learning martial arts and also improving my cardio. I have taken martial arts classes before but was not as impressed by the instructors as much as I am with Sifu Chris. He is very calm and definitely not a show-off. He does a great job at explaining techniques and taking extra time to explain it if you are having issues with it. The classes are small which makes it for more personal attention. By his teaching and demeanor, one can quickly tell that he actually cares about what he is teaching and he is very passionate about it. This is not a McDojo! He is the REAL thing.

  • Evan says:

    Chris is a really gifted teacher, with an obvious commitment to his students and to imparting a genuine understanding of martial arts. He effectively integrates the teaching and practice of core concepts, technique/form drills, and various kinds of sparring. Learning in his classes starts in minute one and flows naturally from there, a testament to both Jeet Kune Do and Chris.

  • Edward says:

    Chris is one of the most knowledgeable, patient and wise teachers I’ve met. Learning Jim is easy and fun. The classes are a physical challenge, but he is observant of people’s limits and tries to structure the curriculum so no one feels left behind.

    Definitely worth checking out! One of the most practical and enjoyable martial arts schools out there.

  • Maxwell B. says:

    i am really grateful to have known a really gifted Sifu like Chris Moran, all his teachings not only have help me on my daily training but have also give me the conviction to recommended to other people that wants to learn Martial Arts.
    One of the main things about Chris is that, when you practice with him, you know that you will learn no matter what, because he put his effort on his student, like a father to his child.

  • Jae Pinto says:

    JKDNYC – Hands down the #1 place to learn REAL self-defense and Mixed Martial Arts in the NY/NJ area. I went through a lot of research trying to find not only the perfect school, but also the right martial art to practice that would be the most realistic and not just made for a cage/ring. Immediately after being convinced that Contemporary Jeet Kune Do/JKD Concepts was the perfect mixed martial art for me, I found Sifu Chris Moran at JKDNYC, gave him a call and the rest is history. I’m writing this review a year and three months post signing up for his martial arts program and I’m still just as excited and passionate about it as I was the very first day I walked in. An incredible teacher/coach/friend, great class-mates, and not only attaining practical martial knowledge but putting it into action efficiently using your God given tools and learned abilities makes for a phenomenal martial arts program at JKDNYC.

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