Combat Club Martial Arts and Fitness in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is dedicated to Competitive Combative Martial Arts and the fitness levels required to participate in them. We have both the Traditional Martial Arts as well as MMA and Boxing. We are the only gym in Jacksonville that puts on our own events.

While we have a gym already open here in Jacksonville, we are also building a bigger facility that will have MMA Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Women’s center, kids club, sauna, showers, locker rooms, Pro shop, smoothie bar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder programs, underprivileged youth programs, full boxing ring, Bag room, 4 separate matted areas to train on,on site Massage, and Chiropractor, full cage, Aerobics/dance floor, and most importantly we will be the official home of InTheCage4Kids.



  • Kyle says:

    I have trained at 3 different martial arts centers since age 13 and tried out probably about 4 others. Wrights extreme martial arts, Rapid Fitness (kruel malitia), and the combat club. The combat club is the absolute worst gym I have ever trained at, I had gotten better training at wrights extreme martial arts who started primarily as a KARATE school.
    The price per month is ridiculous as well as the admission fee to just get in? They ll tell you the bare minimum just to get you to sign their contract and if you even wanted to cancel you contract they charge you another 250 dollars??? even if its because you say combat club sucks and you don t want to train there anymore.
    And they pride themselves on having all these awesome people that train the students but non of which impress me. Wrights is the way to go. Much better business ethics and training environment. I happen to know two of the combat clubs best fighters got started there anyway

  • JoeToe says:

    For all those that don’t know, Kyle is actually James Wright. Go ahead, go to Wright’s extreme drama school. After you figure out that half the staff are his family and the other half are his girlfriends then you’ll realize that six of his seven Black Belts are all in the Kempo system.
    FYI, Only two of the guys over at Combat Club were former customers at Wright’s extreme drama school. The rest are some of the highest ranking instructors in their fields. When you go inside Combat Club the first thing you’ll see it hundreds of Championship belts, medals and trophies. Plus, the instructors at Combat Club aren’t scared to show you their credentials.
    Don’t risk it. Combat Club is the only place you can train properly and safe.

  • James Wright says:

    to Joetoe,
    You are one of the causes of drama between schools. Kyle was a studnet of both our schools. He is a student at Coastal now. You’re lies about me and my school reflect upon your meaness and ingorance. My girlfriend and my daughter do work for me. I do have several black belts that all can be verified and yes my first one is in Kempo. Jerry Roeder promoted me to black belt in Pancrase and you can look that up on the pancrase website. I have competed in many tournaments of 30 of my 34 years in the martial arts. I have been in many magazines and have won many tropyies, medals and belts. I am a brown belt under charuto and you can look that up on his site as well. My credentials can be seen on the wall of my office, on line or just come and ask. I don’t know what your problem is or who you are but you are wrong. By the way another one of my black belts is in MCMAP and that can be verifited by the Marine Corps. JC Davis is in the Boxing Hall of Fame and is our boxing coach. We are not related. Tommy Mosman is a former professional kickboxer and teaches some of our kickboxing classes. He has trained multiple world champions. we are not related. Rick Screeton is our MMA and BJJ coach he has over 30 professional fights. The most in Onslow county. We are not related. The other Black Belts in karate that work for me are not related to me either. There are more then two students that are over at combat club that were members here. They were striped of their rank from the Pancrase committee and kicked out of the system. By the way combat club has talented students and instructors. Your wrong if you think that they are the only place to trian properly and safe. That’s just a stupid comment. They started with me. I out rank them I have a better record then them and so on. Hell I even have more fans on facebook. I wish the stupid comments would stop. I wish Kyle didn’t say anything about either school. If you are a member here you can also train at evolution and NC3 athletics. We have the only area black belts. We are the only organization that has had two ufc fighers come out of the schools. Plus strikeforce fighters and many more. I’m glad you like your school and you are proud of them. That is a good thing. To insult me and our organization dishonors you and yours. No with that all said. I have retired. Mid Atlantic MMA runs the BJJ, MMA, and Kickboxing/boxing programs. They have a better record in every aspect than combat club and me.

  • James Wright says:

    Kyle is actually Kyle phillips. Joe Toe doesnt know me or obviously Kyle. Wright’s extreme martial arts is now Martial Arts and More with a 8500 sqft facility. I am a Black Belt in BJJ, former Pro fighter, Black Belt in Pancrase, Karate and other styles of martial arts. We have over 500 active training students. Combat Club does not have hundreds of championship belts. THey have a few in MMA and in Naga. Many of those were erned while training at my school. At Martial Arts and more we have two BJJ Black Belts treaching and training on a daily basis and over 20 other black belts in other styles. Credientials are know world wide. Check out MA Success Magzaine for some of them. If you get this far in reading reviews I encourage you to check out both schools and the new one on piney green and make an educated decision that will best fit your needs. Joe is wrong on most accounts of this review. Go see for yourself.
    James Wright

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    I was wondering if I can get more info on your gym I would like to get more into fighting. Mainly boxing

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