At Death Grip MMA in Winterville, North Carolina, our conditioning is purposely unorthodox and intended to challenge our athletes to move past physical exhaustion. In fact, we promote vigorous training to increase tolerance to pain. We accomplish this task through a series of biometric conditioning exercises that build endurance, power, and agility.

There is a lot that can be brought into the sport of mixed martial arts. We train our athletes to think outside the box and to consider multiple options other than the traditional boxing, wrestling, and jujitsu techniques. We integrate forms such as Aikido and Krav Maga into our training curriculum, which increases our fighters’ chances of winning a fight.

Lastly, we believe that the fight starts when the contract is signed. It does not start when the referee gives instructions in the cage. What we strive for at Death Grip MMA is simple; we take fighters from absolutely no fighting experience whatsoever, and mold them into intelligent well-conditioned athletes capable of outsmarting an opponent in the cage.

We offer the opportunity to just train like a MMA fighter or we can get you into competitions. We will provide you with an unfair advantage in the cage!

Ron Cooper, lead instructor for Death Grip MMA, has over 30 years of experience in applied exercise physiology. Ron holds five black belts in different styles of martial arts and is regarded as an expert in hand to hand combat. During his tenure, he has trained hundreds of athletes, military, and law enforcement agencies. Ron believes that multiple techniques can be brought into mixed martial arts fighting, making a fighter more versatile and agile in the cage. Our superior fighting system is designed to detect opportunities and to exploit an opponent’s weakness in a fight.



  • Josh Cox says:

    This place does not even exist. I drove out to this gym and it was gas station. False advertisement, and waste of time.

  • droc says:

    Hi Josh, sorry you did not find the gym. Your best bet is to contact the gym before you go. Many gyms do invite people to stop by, while some do not. We would advise you to contact them directly first, or read their pages for information firsthand. Good luck finding a place to train.

  • Liar Liar pants on fire says:

    The owner Ron Cooper was fired from his last place, thats why you couldnt find him Josh Cox. After he embarsed himself with lies and countless defeats (his students), the owner of the gym he rented from fired him. I sugest you ask the owner in Winterville, next to the food lion on Old Tar Road.

  • Ron Cooper says:

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry you had such a hard time finding us, Google sometimes does mess up, not sure why it doesn’t list us correctly? Anyway, we have moved. As of January we are located inside Tier 1 gym On Evans and Red Banks Rd. The address is 710 A Red Banks Rd. Greenville NC. Hope that helps!

    To “Liar Liar pants on fire” (original name by the way) AKA James

    It seems you have developed a bit of an obsession with our group. Every time we advertise or post something on a forum you are right there to try and degrade us and spread lies. It is a shame that someone who professes to teach the honorable practice of Martial Arts… resorts to such “dishonorable” tactics. If you feel the absolute need to try and bring someone might want to make sure you have your facts straight…and, at the very least use spell check. To anyone who would like to speak to the gym owner in Winterville about me. .. please feel free to do so. His name is Torey. He is a great guy and a personal friend of mine.

    I teach my students to try to do everything in their life, with honor. With that said I once again will take the high road with this person and say, I wish you nothing but the best and pray you find the peace you seek in your life and business practices.

    Ron Cooper

  • 3gd says:

    @Josh Cox
    The training location has moved to 10 A Red Banks Rd. Greenville NC. 27858. A telephone call would have remedied the situation.

    Ron Cooper is the instructor of Death Grip MMA and I can say nothing but nice things. Mr. Cooper is teaches martial arts as a way of life and has nothing but a positive influence on his students. The training is intended for a well rounded mixed martial artist. I would recommend Death Grip MMA to anyone who is serious about mixed martial arts.

    James Speight is the instructor at Greenville Academy Mixed Marital Arts. Nothing in Mr. Speight’s post above is true.

    “For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.”
    — Bruce Lee

  • Taylorsmom says:

    I agree with 3gd..Mr.Cooper has taught both my sons in Mixed Martial Arts and in fitness and genuinely cares about his students. It is not about just profit for him. He wants each and everyone of his students to succeed. If you are looking for an MMA Gym with an instructor who has integrity and honor, look no further than Mr. Cooper and Death Grip MMA .

  • Ron Cooper says:

    Ammendment- I have been contacted by Mr. James Speight. He states that he did not write the comments of Liar Liar. I appriciate Mr. Speight contacting me on this matter. I consider this matter now closed. With the new year upon us, let us now focus on setting new goals and reaching new heights.

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