Fearless Fighting is a sanctioned fighting organization located in Greenville, North Carolina. Fearless Fighting offers expert instruction in a hybrid of mixed martial arts and ‘The Way’ trademark self-defense system while promoting overall physical fitness. At Fearless Fighting, we value the “Art” in Mixed Martial Arts. We see the evolution of becoming a martial artist as a life-changing process which forces the student to focus the mind and train the body. It is as much a mental journey as a physical one. And in the end the student will “Experience Victory.”

We stand for giving every person, male or female, professional or hobbyist, the opportunity to develop the skill and conditioning of a warrior. Because the ultimate result in fighting is the absolute defeat of one’s adversary. Accomplishing that makes you the true warrior and victor. Fearless Fighting is a serious facility with experienced instructors. We stand for quality instruction and training. We are confident in our methods and look forward to passing the knowledge of our art on to our students.

The Fearless Fighting program covers everything. We offer detailed training in each of the specific disciplines or the fusion hybrid that is Mixed Martial Arts. You can develop your stand-up skills in our extensive Boxing and Muay Thai program or work your ground game with the famous Fearless Jiu Jitsu team. These programs are battle proven and tested by our fighters.

We can say with confidence that our system works. Our results with our professional and amateur fighters speak for themselves. Even if a student is never going compete, he or she will learn life-changing and authentic skills!


  • Sunny says:

    I am utterly appauled by the lack of professionalism in the staff and owners of this gym. They are all hotheads who think that they are better than everyone else. They have no equipment in their facility and dont even have a full size boxing ring. Their facility smells and the staff is rude.

  • Gvegas07 says:

    yeah that gym is garbage i was there for awhile and it sucks no equipment the owner claims he was a world champion boxer at 28-0 but he lies says he was 78-0 as a muy thai fighter.

  • Zz Stay says:

    Fearless Fighting will teach you how to fight but you also will end up like them. They are all very over confident and rude. They have the mentality that they are better then everyone else and I believe that parents that want their children to go here for the (Littles) class will have very rude and mean children with no respect for anybody else.

  • Earl says:

    I actually train at this gym and enjoy it very much. I think simple minded people can run their mouths, but in the end the truth gets revealed. I suggest anyone interested check it out for themselves. By far its the best Gym in NC, but like I said find out for yourself.

  • Amber says:

    To all who read this. Please know that there are people in this world who are jealous and hateful for the success of others. If you like a real review please come down and check out the facility for yourself.

    Fearless Fighting is sponsored by Zebra, and makes every attempt to be with the top of the competition. The top being those who are creating the industry like Strikeforce, UFC, Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den, Xtreme Couture, and we have supported the small companies when they needed it the most to provide the best fighters we can, so that not only the fans have a great show, but also make sure all those trying to push the industry in North Carolina and beyond have something worth showing. At Fearless Fighting you will not only get great training from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, but you will also have that big time feel in a small town. Fearless Fighting wants the small towns to get the recognition and respect of what the big cities have from attracting the the majority of the big names and knowledge.

    As for the comments such as, “They are all very over confident and rude. They have the mentality that they are better then everyone else and I believe that parents that want their children to go here for the (Littles) class will have very rude and mean children with no respect for anybody else.”

    They are right, Fearless Fighting is extremely confident! We are confident that our product and gym will speak for itself, so much so that we invite and encourage all those interested in our product to check out the competition and compare us, so that you can make the best choice for you. As for the children we teach and instruct. We want to be able to bring self defense, and the respect for the arts, so that all children learn how to use and appreciate the craft.

    Check out what we have to offer and make an informed decision for YOURSELF. Also if you are interested in finding out about the owner, and how this gym was established please, check out the website, e-mail, or call us, and find out for yourself. We encourage experienced, beginners, pro, and any and all interested to experience the sport of MMA. As the more people become aware and interested in the sport, the better it is for gyms, since even the ones trying to get ahead by talking trash about the competition will be able to move their product forward. Good luck with your search in finding the best MMA gym for your training!

  • Boanerges says:

    Ive actually trained at Fearless fighting, I have never seen a trainer so concerned for their fighters well-being and the knowledge put inside of them. which is very important in competing in the sport. I havent seen any other gym in North Carolina like it. they are well disciplined and also teach good morals which are used on a day to day basis in life. and its the only gym in the area that Ive been to thats fully equipped with the proper equipment in building a real fighter.

  • Fearless Blows Balls! says:

    I train at fearless right now and the only reason im still there is because im under contract with their azz, im trying to get out of the contract asap. I do three classes a week and the money i pay to go there is insane. Id rather go to a crappy karate school then fearless because the training would still be better than them, oh the owner is a straight up douche too, he always says hes undefeated be he just plain sucks

  • FEARLESS is horrible says:

    i started training at fearless fighting in 09 and tried to stick it out as long as i could. he cares more about visual and oral flash then he does his gym. for over 6 months he was wanting me and a few others to pay over 300 dollars a month when he had just TWO punching bags… and for the people that couldn’t afford the price he would make them cut his grass, wash his cars, babysit, etc. Apparently he was an all-american wrestler for cornell, he was in the marines, he was 28-0 as a professional boxer, 78-0 in muy thai.He also said he was the WBA welter weight champion of the world in the early nineties(couldnt remember the exact date of winning a world championshit)funny thing is pernell whittaker held the belt at that time he on several occasions tried to turn the “team” against one another with his little pep talks. THIS GYM IS A EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • Brian Money says:

    This is hands down the nicest MMA gym that Greenville has to offer. Professor Rodrigo is a beast. He was an undefeated fighter who knows his stuff and the validity of these credentials are apparent in his teaching. He never misses a detail and never lets anyone fall behind. It takes me more time than most to learn the techniques but he never lets me give up without getting them perfect. I’ve only been there for three weeks but I am definitely there to stay!

  • Jared Thompson says:

    I read what other people were saying on this site and I decided to check this place out for myself. The gym is very nice, clean, and the equipment is top of the line. I understand where people are saying Rodrigo (the owner) is cocky or arrogant, because I had the same first impression. After taking a class, which they offered my first class for free, I got to know a little about him, and it changed my perception of him somewhat. He knew his stuff. I am going to check out the other gyms, and see what my best option is.

  • fearful, not fearless says:

    This place wont leave you fearless, it will leave you moneyless. It is anywhere between 2 to 4 times as expensive as the other local gyms (Tier 1, All-America, any karate/tae kwon do place etc), for less than half the classes offered. Total bull. As others previously stated, the owner can produce no proof whatsoever about his past fighting “titles” that he got. Back when I went, the “teachers” switched every class with no consistency, and they are regularly hired and fired by the week. Most of the hired instructors were nice, but some were aggressive jerk. As far as purchasing classes goes, the cheapest rate is 60 a month for two 45 minute sessions each week while under contract. This is where the scam starts (as if $30 a class wasnt a scam enough already). If you want to do more than 2 classes per week, the price per class increases, as opposed to decreasing as one would expect. 2 classes per week costs 60 ($30 per class), and then 3 costs 115(roughly $37 per class)??? Where is the logic there??? The instructors are college kids that are not that experienced, nor do they have any fights under their belts. They try to show off their awesome equipment, but none of it is actually used in classes. There are no open mat sessions, and when normal classes are over you are all but kicked out of there. The class sessions are 45 minutes, with only 20 or so used for actual class. I did not have a contract, but i feel bad for those that do. I actually think that after this i went off to deployment worse than i was when i started. Did i mention it is a scam?

  • Josh says:

    1. The place is priced within the same as other gyms in Greenville. Although I wouldnt expect to pay for a Harvard education compared to what I would Pay for a Pitt comunity college education. A big diference in Quality and Price.

    2. Ive seen all the Videos and footage, I think its laughable people attack the owners stats, Ive even seen the countleess pics of him TRAINING WITH THE TOP IN THE MMA WORLD!Some of which is on there Fearless MMA facebook. Considering that every time people qustion it, all he has to do is show them, Like I said Laughable that people hate what is greater than them.

    3. The Instructors with Fearless have been there since the day they opened, and actually have verifiable records as well. They have had 2 instructors in the 2 years being opend that were terminated. I guess people expect when someone is hired that means they get to keep there job regardless of weather it works out or not. Must be that “Hate Greatness mentality or I wish I was as good as they are again.”

    4. Since Ive been there for over 2 years the rates have always been the same. Its actually 75.00 a month for 8 classes a month. The math some people are doing is way off, its actualy about $9.00 a class, oh and did I mention they keep a 4 to 1 ratio student to teacher, its like a private lesson for $9.00. Something that the local “hating Gyms can not do.”

    5. There is only one College Student that has “worked” there since the begining, and he was actually an amateur champ and came to Fearless as a Pro MMA fighter. there has been one other student who interned for fitness, while getting his degree, but again I guess thats just something “hating competitors like to try and exploit.”

    6. All the equipment gets used, its based on the class you take that it gets used in. I wouldnt expect to see a boxing class hiting the “Wooden Man.” I must agree the equipment is AMAZING, and all of it Designed by the owner, custom made. I guess 37 years in martial arts has givin him two things for sure, 1st the ability to invent new inovative ways of developing equipment for his students and 2nd a lot of jealous, hatefull, bitter competition that would cowardly tell lies and not have the “balls” to put there name out.

    7. Ive actually only paid the 75.00 amonth rate and take well over my share of classes. Ive never seen anyone get kicked out.

    8. The class time of 45 minutes is more than Ive seen anyone handle, its a hardcore no nonsense session. I suggest people try it for themselves.

    9. THERE ARE NO MONTH TO MONTH CONTRACTS OFFERD AT FEARLESS, so congradulations “fearfull, not fearless” youve just busted your HATEFULL LIES!

    10. Did I mention the multiple articles written on the owner and his gym, published in national magazines, (not like the local G-Vegas magizine where you can buy the cover for 1,500.00 and write your own story, say what ever you want, cough, tier one, cough, cough, death grip, cough, cough) that are up in his gym in plain view. Or that he has the video and pictures of him training with some of the bigest names in MMA begining in the 1990’s. Something None of the “Hatefull competiotion” can say.

    In closing I say to the veiwer, look closley at this gym, take a class, take classes at all the gyms in Greenville. There is no comparison. AS for all the Hatefull gym owners bent on trying to spread rumors and lies, I leave you with this final thought, BE BETTER NOT BITTER!

  • Josh Miller says:

    I am one of the instructors/fighters out of Fearless Fighting, and people seem to be just be making immature fake names and trash talking? Ever since Fearless has opened up I have been teaching there. I do go to college, but what does that have to do with what I know in the sport? I feel I have a lot to offer to people with my experience in competeting in the sport.I have fought many great guys who were great fighters as well. I love the sport and have a real passion for it. I realize most of these people are just trying to make us look bad and make their gym look better. Im not sure why you would say some of these ridiculous things. Also, why wouldnt you put your real name? People will take you more seriously if you want to bash us on here if you probably put your real name instead of hiding behind the internet.
    As for saying we are rude and not role models to children, thats is completely wrong. We have never been rude or mean to clients. You might be a really sensitive person maybe? I love to joke around and be nice to my students when its not class time. Class time we do take serious. We have a job to get you to the best of your abilities and we strive to do that during class. As for myself I love to give the knowledge on the sport I know to my students and hopefully give them somethings that can help thes succeed in the sport if thats what they want. Also I have taught the kids before and we teach them respect as well as self defense or whatever class they might be taking. So please do not come on here and say crazy things like that. It makes me laugh because of how ridiculous some of the things you guys are saying.
    Saying that Professor Rodrigo has no experience in the sport is one of the most ridiculous accusations. I have been to many MMA gyms before coming to Fearless. Im not going to say the gym names because there is no need to bash anyone, some gyms are for people and some arent, you just got to find the gym that fits you. I have personally seen some of the best and most recognized fighters come up and talk to Professor Rodrigo and talk about how they had faught in the past. He even has his World Boxing Title at the gym! lol
    Basically I just think its unnecessary to get on here and talk trash about us. If there are REAL concerns I would hope they would be brought up so we could fix them and progress as a gym. But if you have to talk trash about us in hopes people will not come to check out our gym and makes yours look better then thats fine. People who are actually interested will come in and get a feel of the gym themselves reguardless of the nonsense wrote on here. If anyone is interested stop by and we will give you a tour and tell you the REAL rates of our gym.

    -Josh Miller

  • Chuck says:

    Josh, Your a good teacher but the gym prices is a scam. and Rodrigo never fought in his life nor was a wrestling champ. He will never show you fight videos. Everyone knows this. Rodrigo isnt even his real name.

  • Matt says:

    Horrible. This place pricing is CRAZY. Its 45 minute session but its anything but intense. 20 minutes of it is actually training and theres barely any sparring. Also in the other 25 minutes of class the owner will come and just talk. I’m not lying here he will just talk and emphasis the importance of breathing. LOL. So your paying all this money for 5 miunutes of stretching, 15 minutes of MMA training and 25 minutes of Rodrigo talking during the class while we listen. *Shakes head* The owner will never show anyone his fight videos. That belt is a fake. And like a previous user states, Rodrigo isn’t even his only name. Some people got kicked out of the gym for asking suspicious questions about the owners credentials. Coincidence? I think now.

  • Austin says:

    I find it difficult to believe that people still have so many negative things to say about Fearless Fighting. Our last fight at the Greenville City Mayhem showed us as undefeated; our team had 4 wins and no losses. Allen Crowder 1st round KO 33 sec; Mikael Middleton 1st round KO 39sec; James Andrews submission 2nd round 1:08; Vince Licari submission 2nd round 1:14sec. NO other gym that night put up 4 victories. Also all of our fighters have only been with us, they haven’t jumped ship from other gyms. I have been at Fearless over a year now, and the gym has only been there around 2 years. Just to clear the air all of our classes are an hour long since August. Lastly I am curious as to who you people are that are posting these reviews. We keep a record of all of the individuals that have to come to our gym either just to visit or take classes. After going back through the intake sheets none of your names pop up.
    -Austin Banaszak

  • Austin says:

    I am sorry I should give credit to Josh, Brian, Earl, Amber, and Jared for the accurate reviews that they wrote about Fearless Fighting. I actually do know who you are and have records of your time spent here. Thank you for all of your support
    -Austin Banaszak

  • Dr. Susan Boutilier says:

    I have been at the gym now for over a year. I like the intense atmosphere…it is a GYM! My goals were taken seriously by my trainers: after about 3-4 months I could actually do a pull-up which is a goal that had eluded me for 7 years despite working out 2-4 hrs/week with other trainers. My push-up #’s increased as well. My Trainers also checked and followed my one-rep max so I can track my progress.
    This summer I experienced an injury (outside of the gym) and my workouts have been modified to accomodate my sore hand but stayed challenging and interesting. I recommend my gym to any person serious about getting and staying fit.
    Dr. Susan Boutilier

  • Jay Faron says:

    My name is Jay Faron, and I am the Executive Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pitt County. It was our pleasure to send our youths to Fearless Fighting this summer for a summer camp program offered by them. I can recall seeing the kids running past my office to the van each morning, full of enthusiasm, so I know they enjoyed themselves. I am certain they learned a lot about discipline, respect, and moral ethics through the Martial Arts being taught at Fearless Fighting. It is a wonderful addition to our programs, being able to partner with Fearless Fighting. We strive to offer well rounded programs, and activities like the ones at Fearless Fighting help us do that. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to know more about what they offer, including there outstanding youth programs, to contact them directly or visit there beautiful facility.
    Jay Faron
    Executive Director
    Boys and Girls Clubs
    Pitt County

  • Martha says:

    I have been a member of Fearless Fighting since the summer of 2010. I have enjoyed working out at Fearless. The strength I have gained both mentally and physically helped me face and endure a difficult surgery. The owner, Rodrigo even came to visit me while I was in the hospital and brought my nurses cookies. Upon my return the workouts were tailored for me so that I could have a safe recovery. I appreciate this gym, its owner, the trainers, and the other members I have met.

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