The Ultimate Gym operates to provide the ultimate training experience, from body-building and martial arts to fighting in the ring. We provide an environment that fosters open-mindedness, growth and development of our students, members and guests in mind, body and spirit.

At Ultimate Gym, we offer the widest range of instruction in any gym in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including:

* Boxing
* Muay Thai
* MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
* Jiu Jitsu & BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
* Ninjutsu
* Self Defense & Street Survival
* JKD (Jeet Kune Do)
* Kali and FMA (Filipino Martial Arts)
* Kyokushin Karate
* Systema
* Kung Fu
* RKC Hard Style Kettlebell Classes
* Personal Training – Boot Camp – Group Fitness Training – Weight Lifting

Our instructors are top notch and have been certified by the best in their respective arts. Besides having been certified through some of the best organizations in the country, some of our instructors have also used their arts in competition.

We are a real gym, for real people. No contracts involved, no matter what you do at the gym, whether you’re just working out, lifting weights, working on your cardio, punching a bag or taking part in one of our many martial arts programs. We are uniquely a cut above the rest and approach your training on a more intense level, from the novice to the serious competitor. Whatever “your fight” we offer “your choice” in training.


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