Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts is Jacksonville, North Carolina’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We offer classes in Traditional Kempo Karate, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Pancrease Wrestling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  The system taught at Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts is a combined art of different styles of Martial Arts.  Our system adds high kicking from Tae Kwon Do, joint manipulation from Aiki, throws and takedowns from Judo, combative skills from Kali, Thai boxing and Marine Corps close Combat, as well as grappling from Jiu Jitsu.


  • fred gleen says:

    good price open 7 days a week great bjj

  • Lorenz says:

    Great place to work out. Im taking the Kickboxing classes. Coach Chuck is great! I love the training, guidance, the patience with beginners like myself. If you really want a great work out and training that will benefit you now and in the long run, you have to come by Wright’s eXtreme MMA. You wont find a place more dedicated to its students. They are the cleanest gym, correction, academy because this place does not smell or even carry its self like a regular gym. They are family oriented too. Couches, tv for parents to be comfortable in, UFC, MMA, all fights are shown at the academy to continue to build that great fellowship they teach. check them out! NOW!

  • Mike says:

    Being 31, a bit out of shape. Finally starting in karate and brazilian Ju Jitsu sounded intimidating at first. I had no prior training and checked out martial arts schools all over North Carolina. After not being impressed by anything I seen, I stopped into Wrights Karate. This changed everything. From the very knowledgable staff to the students, everyone was willing to work with and help. You feel you are on the same level. Not to mention if your on a budget, they work with that too! You are treated as an equal and get a fair amount of time to learn everything! Not only does this place make martial arts fun to learn, but you feel welcome there everytime you step on the mat. As a parent worried about the bullying problem in the schools I signed my child up as well. She cannot wait for the next day of karate and kids MMA. To top it off, I started at 212lb’s. Just doing karate, and the BJJ I’m now at a healthy 197, and still losing!

    You can even come in and get a free lesson of your choice, so can your child. Just to see if you will like it. No obligation. But you WILL want to come back! Its that good.

  • Mike says:

    Being 31 years old, a bit over weight and decideing it was a good time to take up Karate and Brazilian Ju Jitsu should be intimidating. Not here at Wrights Karate. Every single staff member is very knowledgable, answers each and every question and better yet works with everyones budget.

    Mostly worried about the bullying in schools, I decided this would offer a very good dad and daughter time, to learn together and have that peace of mind if the time comes she would be able to defend herself in any situation. As well as myself getting back into shape, and give my daughter good self confidence and a sense of accomplishment. She looks forward to each and every lesson and is even enrolled in the kids MMA. They understand each persons needs and work with you to ensure your time is well spent. You dont see a kid who isnt full of happiness or an adult who isnt satsified.

    I checked out most of the schools in this area, and after searching and hearing the speech from 5 different schools, this is the one that I felt was the most family oriented and best over all. You have a free lesson to try it out and see if your child and or yourself will like it, and I can pretty much promise you will! I started at 212lbs, and by doing karate 3 nights a week, and BJJ I’m now at a very healthy and more engergized 197, and I’m still losing.

  • mary says:

    I love it here and so do my 4 kids.

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