Impact Martial Arts in Coweta, Oklahoma, is a full-time, nationally certified martial arts facility dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction. Our goal is to give a fun and productive environment for men, women, and children to learn a complete approach to martial arts training.

Along with our training comes the opportunity to participate in various levels of competition. They include: Submission Grappling Tournaments, Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing bouts, Amateur MMA bouts, and professional Kickboxing and MMA bouts.

Impact Martial Arts was founded in 1993 under instructor Joel Scrivner. It has since then continued its mission to provide a well balanced, high quality martial arts program. Originally grouned in traditional Taekwondo, Impact Martial Arts has branched out to include mixed martial arts, submission grappling, control tactics, traditional boxing, and many other practical based self-defense sysytems. Today Impact Martial Arts’ Taekwondo program is headed by 2nd Degree Black Belt instructor Delia Griffith who continues to follow in the footsteps of its founder in bringing well balanced, high quality martial arts instruction. Impact’s Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing programs are directed by 4th Degree Black Belt Mark Barrett.

Impact’s Mixed Martial Arts program trains men and women in a more “fight” oriented way. These classes teach the submission grappling tactics and kick boxing you see in popular cage fighting events. M.M.A. is thought to be the the most “up and coming” in sports entertainment. Impact can teach you all the aspects needed to compete in M.M.A. events. Boxing skills, take downs, and submission grappling are amongst these skills. Our M.M.A. classes are very fitness oriented, and will push you to your limits. This type of training is great for obtaining fitness goals, as well as learning how to protect yourself and you family.


  • There is no longer mma offered at this location. Not sense the first of this year. The mma coach moved to Broken Arrow, look him up at Martial Arts Academy.

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