At Oklahoma Martial Arts and Fitness in McLoud, we build a foundation of Tae Kwon Do and then couple it with techniques from other arts like boxing and Kito-Ryu Jujitsu. This develops a well-rounded martial artist who is just as comfortable on his feet as he is as on his back. Periodically, other styles are also offered as taught by guest instructors.

Our Cage-Style MMA program allows you to work out with the professionals! Whether you are aspiring to fight in a cage at the UFC or just an athlete looking for a more intense physical training regimen, this class is for you. It includes high-level conditioning, boxing coaching, and jujitsu instruction all designed for a full-throttle, full-contact arena. Overseen by coaches with Elite MMA and Thunder Boxing, participants from this program have fought amateur and professional fights.

While boxing is a combat sport centering on effective use of the hands, the training associated with boxing offers intense, full-body conditioning. We offer youth and adult boxing instruction under the instruction of Thunder Boxing (certified by USA Boxing, the national governing body of amateur boxing in the U.S.).

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