DaJoGen School of Mixed Martial Arts, located at Zanshin Dojo in Salem, Oregon, is dedicated to the teaching of Martial Arts with the hope that students will one day become Zanshin instructors themselves and continue the tradition.

Zanshin is a state-of-the art Martal Arts school incorporating traditional teaching methods with cutting edge equipment. A 1500 square foot uninterrupted mat sits atop a custom-designed subfloor for throwing and Jujitsu training complemented by a striking area with the most heavy punching bags in the state. A full exercise area features weights, treadmill, elliptical, and more. Fingerprint biometric door locks grant access, computerized climate controls maintain perfect training conditions, and a 45 inch flatscreen plays demonstration videos and student recordings for self-evaluation. The rugged utility of leather kick bags and oak training weapons balances the refined aspects of marble countertops and full-length mirrors.

Dave Hagen is a Current Licensed MMA referee in Oregon, Colorado and Mohegan Sun, Idaho. He referees and judges for UFC, WEC, Former PRIDE, Former IFL, Strikeforce, KOTC and most NW local shows. He has been training as a Kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter, BJJ practitioner, Boxer and MMA fighter for 26 years. Dave has coached and cornered Randy Couture, Nate Quarry, Chris Leben, Chris Wilson, Evan Tanner and many others from high profile shows. He also boasts a level IV combatives certificate from the US Army Combatives program. This program specializes in Weapons, H2H combat using weapons, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo, and Boxing. This training lends itself well to Police, fire and military personnel.


  • tori says:

    One of the best mma schools i’ve been to in Oregon. Dave Hagen is one of the highest ranking combative instructors and this guy knows his stuff. If there is any question about it, you can do some research and look it up yourself, the guy is legit. If you’re looking for an mma gym in salem oregon, dajogen is the best spot. DaJogen School of MMA is located in the Zanshin gym but their website http://www.dajogenmma.com has location info.

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