Steele’s Karate in Salem, Oregon, offers instruction in Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and Kickboxing Lessons available by private appointment. We are led by Head Instructor Sensei John Olivera, Sensei James Straight and Sensei Dena Healy. At Steele’s Karate we teach a way of life that will promote patience, humility and the development of mental and physical strength.  Using Karate-Do our trainers encourage students to be the best that they can be and above all it emphasizes respect for their fellow man.

If you are interested in Karate, Kickboxing, or just a great workout please go to our contact page and contact Sensei John.  Feel free to request information or would like to request a free class so you can experience what we are all about in person!


  • Jennifer Holcer says:

    I had a 25 month contract with John Olivera of Steeles Karate in Salem Oregon, and it was not honored, as a matter of fact Mr. Olivera kicked my 6 year old daughter out of his dojo claiming she was a threat to his dojo and others in it. The only threat she was, was that she was an International gold medalist and had recently been a local talk show and no one else was included sohe decided 3 weeks before Nationals in which she qualified for that he would throw her out. We still have 9 months left on our contract and he will not tell us why she can’t come.

    This is not the true karate way so anyone wanting to join. Beware if your child is good dont expect to be around for long unless you include Mr. Olivera in everything you do, hes all about getting himself the recognition!! and to hell with the contract, which is legal and binding by law.

  • Jennifer Holcer says:

    I would like let all who visit this site, that at the time I wrote the review regarding Steeles, I was not a happy person within and was angry. Sensei John Olivera is an amazing instructor, and would recommend Steeles Karate to anyone that was looking for a gym to train. My daughter is back in training with Sensei John, doing well and happy! I really hope the past review has not made any sort of impact, as This would hurt me. I am currently trying to figure out how to get that review removed and have contacted this site via their online contact form. Please disregard the past review until I can get this removed. Thank You! ……STEELES ROCKS!!

    Sincerely, Jennifer Holcer. Feb. 15, 20120

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