At James Simrell MMA, Head Instructor James Simrell provides qualified and professional instruction for great fitness and self defense to people of all ages and skill levels.  Whether you’re a fighter training for competition or you want to stay in shape doing something fun and different, you will be right at home here.  We offer training in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Russian Sambo, Vale Tudo, by instructors who are certified in these styles.  We also offer kids programs that teach them mental and physical discipline while keeping them off the streets and promoting healthy social interaction.

Our state-of-the-art, fully equipped and modern facility provides every student with the optimal environment for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You will find that James Simrell MMA is one of the very finest and affordable gyms in the entire Northeast!

James Simrell is the founder and director of both the newly formed “Cardosa-Simrell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association” and the “James Simrell Mixed Martial Arts Association”.

The “James Simrell Mixed Martial Arts Association” was a natural outgrowth of Mr. Simrell’s vast experience and training in both stand-up and ground fighting techniques, including extensive training in San Da, Boxing and Muay Thai as well as Black Belts in Sambo, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the “Triple Crown” of the grappling arts. It is the only locally based association of its kind and was founded upon Mr. Simrell’s understanding of and appreciation for all facets of combative arts training rather than the placement of particular emphasis on any one style or art.

At the core of both Associations is Mr. Simrell’s desire to promote the ideals of hard work and discipline in maximizing one’s own physical and spiritual potential; to instill in the membership at large the concept of excellence without arrogance; to generate amongst the membership a deep seeded sense of mutual respect and camaraderie; and, James’ desire to give something back to the martial arts community and the community at large as evidence by his long time dedication to his Intercept program which brings the world of martial arts training to underprivileged children throughout the greater Scranton area.

Membership in the Associations provides affiliated instructors and academies with a wide array of benefits and opportunities including access to Mr. Simrell’s teaching and experience in any or all of the above names disciplines as he oversees their BJJ and/or MMA programs, works closely with their instructors in raising their skill and performance levels and establishes criteria for and directs belt testing for their members.

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