Our goal at Nak Muay Gym, located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is to help you to achieve your goals! Whether it is to tone and sculpt your body and be in the best shape of your life, or to learn many varieties of proven and effective martial arts systems. We have a program that is designed for every individual, such as Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Kickboxing.

At Nak Muay Gym, our specialty is working with beginners. The first step is to call or stop by. Then you will be asked to come in and try an introductory class. In your first couple of classes you’ll learn basic footwork and how to move properly. We’ll also show you how to wrap your hands and how to punch properly so you don’t hurt yourself. We’ll go over some basic punches and kicks, and put a few combinations together. You will learn how to use the heavy bag, as well as the focus mitts. If you desire even more special attention, we also offer private one on one sessions.

Kru Eric Karner has been a martial arts practitioner for over 20 years. He’s worked under the most accredited trainers, fighters, and camps that are recognized throughout the world. Kru Eric has been teaching Muay Thai fulltime, since 2003. He is recognized by the (TBA) Thai Boxing Association, the (USMTA) United States Muay Thai Association, and is also a certified “Kru” or instructor, under Grand Master Toddy and the (MTIA) Muay Thai International Association. Kru Eric has also transitioned into grappling and MMA styles as well. He accredits Cleber Luciano and Allan Goes.

Throughout his life, Kru Eric has followed the philosophy and words of the late Bruce Lee, “All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.” Kru Eric is a fully accomplished student of Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kun Do “concepts”.

Kru Eric has extensive knowledge of Thai culture, Thai history, and the art of Muay Thai. He is one of the very few westerners to be admited into the Sereephap Muay Thai Camp located in Northern Thailand. Kru Eric continues his studies in muay Thai with Sityodtong Boxing Camp in Pattaya, Thailand and Kru Mark DellaGrotte of Sityodtong, Boston. You will learn “authentic”, world class Muay Thai at our gym!


  • john says:

    Hands down best stand up school in the area. Real Muay Thai taught by a real Muay Thai instructor. Not a former karate school turned Muay Thai/MMA gym just to bring in more students with the growing popularity of mixed martial arts.

    If you want to learn the art of Muay Thai and advance whether it is just a hobby or lifestyle for fighters come to this gym.

  • Brian says:

    Great classes and instructors, this isn’t McDojo stuff, this is real muay thai, taught by a pro muay thai fighter who trains and has fought for the famed Sityodtong camp in Thailand.

    No attitudes, friendly people and a killer workout!

  • Eric says:

    Nak Muay Gym Chalfont has moved to a larger facility. The new address is 4309 County Line Rd. Chalfont, PA. 18914

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