Personal Training Tactics (PTT) is Pittsburgh’s premier Martial Arts training center. PTT has been around since 1997 and has evolved with the demanding changes needed to compete in today Mixed Martial Arts. There are many schools offering MMA training, but here at Personal Training Tactics you will be trained by a true competitor who competes in cage fighting and grappling matches.

Learn a combination of submission no-gi grappling, judo, wrestling, western boxing and muay thai – sport or self defense either standing or on the ground. Here at Personal Training Tactics, we provide a spacious facility along with experienced instructors to provide training to suit the needs of students from beginners to advanced… along with one great workout!

Head Instructor Don Kaecher has been teaching Mixed Martial Arts since 1997 and started Personal Training Tactics, Pittsburgh’s premier MMA School. Don has trained with and is a certified instructor under Erik Paulson of CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) in Los Angeles, California. Erik Paulson was the first American to win the World Shooto Light-Heavyweight Title in Japan, defending his title 5 years straight. Don also trained with legendary instructor Guru Dan Inosanto.

With Mixed Martial Arts rapidly evolving, Don continues to stay on top of the sport by expanding his expert knowledge with the help of boxing coaches, wrestling coaches, books, training videos, seminars and thru his many students. He pushes his mind and body to the extreme daily… and if you train with him, he will bring out the champion and the best in you.

Life is the ultimate journey. Only you can decide when the journey ends. Train Hard, Train Smart, and Train to be the best.

Personal Training Tactics currently trains at South Hills Judo Club, with private and semi-private lessons held at:

Hurley Chiropractic/The Gym
2850 Saw Mill Run Blvd. (Route 51)
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

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