School of Combat Arts in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, offers professional, qualified and superior instruction and training for fitness and self defense for men, women and children, in a comfortable atmosphere for both newcomers and those returning to the martial arts. School of Combat Arts offers MMA for fitness as well as for people that are looking to compete. We encourage participating in tournaments and make sure that the students are safe at all times.

MMA is one of the most intense sports out there, mixed martial arts demands more strength and endurance than most other workouts. The sport continues to grow in popularity, and more people are discovering the benefits of the kind of varied, hardcore training that MMA athletes undergo. The intense combat drills test your physical and mental stamina, improving endurance and athleticism. Our Arts also include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Submission Grappling and Boxing/Muay Thai. We are the only school in NEPA to teach Phoenix Ninpo Ryu under the instruction of Grandmaster Stan Triplett.



  • Ron F. says:

    I love this school! Great coach and an extremely good group of people. A good place to learn all the proper techniques in Mau Thai and Jui Jitsu!

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