Exact Impact in Summerville, South Carolina, is a form of Muay Thai developed from years of training with Muay Thai Fighters and Trainers, World Champion Kickboxers, and Professional Boxers. Exact Impact combines traditional Muay Thai strikes with western-style boxing to create a better-rounded fighter. Our goal is to have fighters who punch like Boxers and kick/knee/elbow like Thais. Exact Impact is an excellent addition to any Jiu-Jitsu program for MMA Fighters, prospective or active.

Head Instructor James Bozeman has over 13 years experience training in Muay Thai and Boxing. His training includes:
-Muay Thai training at the Ishinkan Kickboxing Gym in Japan
-Muay Thai training at the Lumpinee Kickboxing Gym training under and assisting Ken “The Super Rhino” Armstrong
-Received Boxing instruction from 3-time All-Japan Champion Rick (Roberts) Yoshimura
-Muay Thai and Boxing training at Kick Center East under and assisting 4-time World Kickboxing/Muay Thai Champion Dennis “Hurricane” Lane
-James is an N.G.A. Certified Personal Trainer
-James most recently provided training to Northwest Florida’s 1st MMA Fight Team- FIGHT FACTION
-James is a former SWAT Operator with the Charleston Police Dept in Charleston

Exact Impact is now available at Lowcountry MMA. and open from Noon-8pm Mon-Fri, with open gym on Sat 2-4. Personal Training, Private Lessons, and Lady’s-only classes are all available. Whether you’re a prospective fighter, someone wanting to learn an art for self-defense, or just looking for a way to get fit and/or lose some weight; Muay Thai will work for you.

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