Spartan’s Quest Center for Combat Training is located in Turbeville, South Carolina. We offer a large variety of techniques from various styles to meet the ever changing world of combat training. Our goal is forge a complete fighter who is capable of fighting at all ranges of combat. Keep in mind that we no longer train fighters for the cage or the ring.

Spartan’s Quest offers many different training regimens, from sport MMA to Real World Scenerio training. Among the styles we work are Systema style striking (made known by the Russian Spetnaz), Greco Wrestling, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Kali, Free Style Wrestling, Filipino Boxing and Weapons based self-defense.  Spartan’s Quest employs a variety of tactics that are not allowed in the cage but will save your life on the street such as pressure points, eye gouges, RIPs and many other “non-sportive” tactics. All classes are taught by Coach Alan Moore.

Coach Moore has been in the martial arts for a little over 15 years. He has studied a variety of styles such as the filipino martial arts, aikido, shoot wrestling, catch as catch can wrestling and muay thai kickboxing to name a few. Coach Moore has trained several people in the past for MMA competition and specializes in training people for reality based combat. In 2008, Coach Moore personally trained several officers of the Bennetsville Federal Prison, who were in charge of handling high risk inmates, in defensive tactics and inmate restraint techniques.

For more information about training times, prices and training days, contact us at 843-659-3202 or just message us on our Myspace page by clicking above. Private lessons are available by appointment if necessary at no extra cost!

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